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Mining in Antarctica

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Antarctica is a continent which is rich in minerals but due to the Antarctic treaty mining has been banned from this area. I strongly agree that people should not mine this area for many reasons. They include, breakdown of peace, destruction of the environment, no major gain for the world, it would encourage disputes between the countries who have claimed a piece of Antarctica and it is against the laws of the treaty.

Firstly, Antarctica is the one and only continent in the world which has never experienced war.This is due to the Antarctic treaty which encourages peaceful scientific co-operation between the various countries which have claimed Antarctica. It encourages scientific knowledge rather than any financial gain. I am convinced that war is often caused by greed and that if minerals were mined and wealth was accumulated via these minerals, the peace would end as the various countries fought over the money and minerals. Secondly, Antarctica should not be mined because of the damage mining may cause to the clean, unpolluted, undamaged and crisp air.This is one place on Earth where humans have not taken advantage of nature and the environment. This area does not deserve to be mistreated and destroyed.

If Antarctica was mined the machinery and equipment would severely affect the ozone layer resulting in similar damage to this continent that the rest of the world is experiencing. Thirdly, there is no proof that any of the minerals present in Antarctica are different to the minerals that can be found in the rest of the world.Seeing that there is no real gain to the world in mining the same minerals that can be found elsewhere, there is no point in damaging this environment or creating potential animosity between the countries which have claims. Additionally, Antarctica should not be mined as mining this area would encourage disputes between countries which have claimed parts of the continent. Mining will involve huge financial commitments, monetary gain or loss. If masses of minerals are established disputes between countries will occur as nations will be unsure who owns the minerals.The continent has remained peaceful so far because all the countries co-operated and worked towards scientific knowledge rather than financial gain.

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It is a lot easier to remain level headed and co-operative if there is no money at stake. Finally, Antarctica should not be mined as it is against the Antarctic treaty. So much thought, effort and planning went into the making of this treaty in order to ensure that Antarctica was protected from the destruction that the rest of the planet has experienced.The Antarctic treaty has been so successful in controlling the types of positive research, co-operation and peace in this area that is would a tragedy to defy the agreement for the sake of minerals. In conclusion, the reasons against mining as stated above are overwhelmingly strong. The benefits to the world are seemingly few and therefore Antarctica should definitely not be mined. Antarctica has been such a positive continent and it would be such a shame to introduce negative influences to this environment.

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