Michael Jackson Paper on Courage

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Michael Jackson never stopped doing what he loved even when he was 50 years old. My hypothesis was supported by the information I gathered because I had so many pages of information it was so hard to narrow it down but that is how my hypothesis was supported by the information I gathered. Michael Jackson performed 7 solo tours in his lifetime. Michael Jackson soon decided to leave the Jackson 5 when the fans said that his four brothers were holding him back.

Then Michael became a solo artist producing hit after hit, he also acted in plays. Two of his most popular hits were, “Thriller” and “Billy Jean. ” He loved his business and worked so hard at it he became the King of Pop. Michael Jackson was going to have another tour in 2009. It would have started on July 8, 2009. During that tour he was going to perform over 50 sold out concerts. He never stopped doing what he loved even when he was a father. He loved his children Paris, Prince and Teddy.

He found time to play with his children more than normal fathers even while being a big time popular singer and dancer. Another thing that proves Michael Jackson was courageous was that he went out on stage and sang and danced in front of thousands of people even when he thought that he was hideous (that’s why he got plastic surgery so many times on his nose). That proves that he showed courage because he was willing to do what he had to do even when he thought he was ugly.

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My data confirmed my hypothesis. Michael Jackson proved how courageous he was by sticking with his dream of music. He proved this by staying in the music business from age 11 (Jackson 5) all the way to his solo career throughout his life time. Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 and died on June 25, 2009.

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