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Medicalization of Deviance

Today I will discuss the topic is about medicalization of deviance. Firstly, as the textbook defines medicalization of deviance: “the transformation of moral and legal deviance into a medical condition. ” In this definition it includes two different parts moral and legal deviance, and medical condition.

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Our society provides a moral and legal standard for everyone live in this society. Society has enough power to judge someone is deviance or normal. Also the Criterion of Assessment is mandatory and determined.

For example, if someone did bank robbery, he or she must be putted into prison by police. But in my opinion, the social judgment is not a perfect way to identify someone is normal or deviance because the real world has a clear hierarchy, the upper classes have more voice and decision-making power in this society. The judgment can also be said to be made in an unfair platform, such as a person do actions with an idea what is beyond the understanding of most people, and the society will label him or her as deviance. Medicalization gives us one more option.

As Peter Conrad pointed out that medicalization makes the medical institution the dominant moral entrepreneur of our society. A sample example is Medicalization can try to best help some people are an addict of drugs, and the medical institution can use Professional skills to help these deviance people rovers. The clear distinction is that medicalization labels people as “ill” and treats these people as patient. In this aspect I think medicalization is a positive manner. On the other hand, C. Wright Mills is a sturdy supporter in society has a main effect on society issues.

As he mentioned that we come to see how society affects us, we may support society as it is, or we may set out with others to change it. However, the pros and cons of medicalization bring a question which is how to define what is “normal”, what is “deviance”. An actual issue has appeared in “juiced” athletes. Some athletes are users of performance enhancing drugs to help them exceed others in the professional sport. I think the additional help is a cheating action. The action makes this equal competition become unfair. Also such acts must be punished in order to prevent its spread.

These “juiced” athletes are not subscribing to contemporary cultural norms and values because if audients and other pure athletes are leaded to this “juiced” Value-oriented, the game or sport will ever lose its worth. Overall, In fact many deviance people pretty need help to treat them into individual problem in the society. But these deviants should suffer punishment for their actions. In addition, each case is different and should be looked at differently as to whether punishment is required or not. Reference: John J, Macionis and Linda M, Gerber. 2008. Sixth Canadian Edition: Sociology. Toronto, CA: Pearson Education Canada Press. |

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