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Media politics and intercention

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Edward Bernays made important works in the field of public relation. His thoughts and views were pessimistic. It was clearly manifested in his theory that man must be controlled in order to attain democracy. He was known to be a follower of his uncle (Sigmund Freud). Freud’s ideas on man’s behavior were supported by Bernays.

His works were greatly appreciated by critics. His outlooks also change traditional views on things such food and perception of women. Amusingly, he plays a vital role in the mass sales of cigarettes in the United States.

Nowadays, Bernays’ theories have been applied in various political movements in gaining and achieving profit and power.  Moreover, his theories have great impact on American business because it deals mainly on acquiring profits.

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US administrations used Freud’s and Bernays’ political concepts to “exploit the subconscious factors that infuse fear and paranoia among the masses… all in the name of democracy (Baroud, 2007).” Anti and pros are everywhere. Anti-democratic groups have made their leap to denounce democratic insights and perceptions. Anti-democratic movements were discontented about democratic advocates’ visions and objectives.

Furthermore, Bernays’ influence is still gained its rewards. Without his ideas the concept of democracy, consumer citizenship and political states and all other aspects of politics were not yet unveiled up to now.

Summary of The Convenience Denial

A controversy on a CNN has been attached to it when a CNN’s new operators made some denial on the “liberal media” issue.  In addition to this, a former CNN executive made some defense on “War made Easy” film which seems to be the talk of the town during its release. Also Eason Jordan, CNN News chief executive made some boastful remarks about the network’s structure of professional military expertise. Eason Jordan was the executive during the extensive invasion US troops in Iraq.

In line with Jordan’s comments, Inter Press released statements saying that his comment would surely “infuriate any veteran reporter who upholds the most basic and important tenet of journalistic profession: independence (Solomon, 2007).”

Jordan was also criticized by his subordinate, Christina Davidson in connection to Jordan’s criticism on “War made Easy”. War made Easy is actually a film which gives the idea that “all of the cable networks were actively complicit in promoting the”—the result of chronic biases rather than “journalistic laziness (Solomon, 2007).”

CNN is known to be a form of “liberal media”. Jordan was accused of supporting Baghdad Government and even after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

One important insight here is that “Often journalists blame government for the failure of the journalist to do independent reporting- we may be the news media, but we’re on the same side and the same page as the Pentagon (Solomon, 2007).”


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