Medea can be forgiven for her rage but not her calculation

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Medea’s rage is a result of Jason’s betrayal, and with both desire and passion, it prompts her calculation- causing her to commit unimaginable crimes. Her rage is forgivable, yet her actions that follow are contemptible. Jason’s betrayal is recurring throughout the novel, and as it progresses, Medea’s fury worsens also. When Jason claims “he has acted like a true friend” to Medea and his children, Medea reacts angrily, knowing that he has acted in contrast. Jason’s obliviousness to his actions and lies insults Medea, forming her resentment to develop.

Although Medea’s calculation doesn’t add up to Jason’s betrayal, he is still to blame for being the cause of such frenzy. Medea’s rage, passion, and desire for Jason are the origin of her actions. For Medea to “suffer the mockery of her enemies” was something she wouldn’t tolerate. Her vindictive mind allowed her to believe that she would rather do wrong, than be ridiculed by Jason, Glauce and Creon. By killing her children, Glauce and Creon, Medea knew she would “have her claws” in Jason’s heart as he deserved. These children live no more; I say this to wound your heart”. Medea commits these actions to hurt Jason and get revenge, yet was unaware of the extent of which they would affect her. The audience is unable to distinguish Medea’s rage from her calculation as they are all a source of the same cause. “My passion is master of my reason, passion that causes the greatest suffering in the world”. Medea knows that in order for her to pursue with murdering her children, she will have to suffer tremendously.

Her manipulation and vigilant arrangements allows her to accomplish results which reflect on her fury and “special knowledge”. Although Jason is to blame for Medea's rage, the results are solely Medea's fault. We are able to sympathise with Medea; to some extent, for the distress she undergoes through killing her children. Although Medea cannot be forgiven for her actions, the audience is able to understand the reasons for the revengeful way Medea retorted. Neither Jason nor Medea can be forgiven for their actions, but condemned.

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