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Road Rage: Preventive Measures

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Road rage starts with just a simple tailgating or the guy in front of you cutting you off.Road rage is uncontrollable anger experienced by a driver in difficult road conditions, often leading to violent behavior.Behaviors resulting from road rage are speeding, driving to slowly, headlight flashing and many more.

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There are many causes of road rage. Such small things such as bright lighting up to very large incidents such as obstructing another vehicle can cause road rage. Have you ever been behind that annoying slow driving “Sunday driver” when you’re in a hurry?

The feeling you may feel are a result of road rage. Another example of road rage is when your stopped at a stop sign and you are not paying close attention to what’s going on and the guy behind you is in a hurry and he beeps the horn and you instantly throw your hands in the air and give him the finger. All of these are the resulting cause of road rage. Every day there is road rage on the road. Forty five percent of motorists say that they are more worried about road rage then drunk drivers.

Another statistic is that 10,037 accidents occurred within a six year period that was a result of road rage. The amount of men, women, and children killed within this six year period was 218 with over 12,000 injured. The growth rate of aggressive driving is at a rate of seven percent. With all the statistics show why there needs to be prevention to road rage. There are many steps a motorist can take to prevent road rage. Such simple task such as playing your radio can be one way to stop the aggressive driver.

When in a situation of road rage you should always think of your loved ones and never get out of your car. When in the scary emotional situation you should ignore the idiots that have started the road rage. Along with all these steps remember to always to ignore the payback temptations. In conclusion, Road rage is a severe problem on the road ways and needs to be prevented. Not only can there be damage done to your car but also road rage can result in death. To help prevent road rage remember the tips from above and always remember to never get frustrated at other drivers while behind the wheel.

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