Master of Health Management Systems Program

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My background in health care made me choose an education that would assist me in my long term career plan of the expansion of my family owned rehabilitation center. I have a BS degree in Respiratory Care from Shenandoah University, in VA and my curriculum here has laid the basic foundation for my career in the healthcare setting. I am not employed at present but I am currently a graduate student at NYU majoring in Occupational Therapy.

So far in my one year experience at NYU as a graduate student, I have realized that this course would help me become a therapist but I would not be able to manage health care institutions .I can shine better as a leader and a team head rather than a therapist. I have organizing capabilities and good interactive skills that would find a better outlet in a manager’s position...

The greater percentage of the population in Saudi Arabia is under the age of thirty and this offers very great career prospects. I wish to make a mark in my own rehabilitation center in my home country. As I already have a family owned center I only need to refine certain systems and bring in innovative techniques. I would be a leader who is dedicated to make changes and contribute to our health care system in Saudi Arabia The health care industry in Saudi Arabia is growing rapidly and would provide excellent and challenging opportunities for providers

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My short term goal is to work in the ministry of health in Saudi Arabia and move up the ladder to assure better health care delivery. My long term goal is to work for the world health organization in the Middle East sector. My family has a rehabilitation center in Saudi Arabia .Ultimately I would be in a position to manage this also.

I would make it a different one which is able to offer the best care possible .I have visions of expansion and opening branches. I need to survey the potential prospects in the places where I would like to branch out and run efficient organizations. I wish to bring in some innovative techniques, equipments and offer this to the patients in a cost effective manner.

As an efficient manager and a healthcare provider I must be in a position to demonstrate quality outcomes, fiscal responsibility, and efficient and effective practices. To do this, I would have to collect and analyze data, incorporate innovative management techniques, and utilize new technologies to provide the best health care.

This is a field that is constantly evolving. And unless I have a high quality education and the proper accompanying training, I would not be able to be a trendsetter in this field. The health professional is trained to acquire a unique blend of skills in health sciences, management and systems. As a graduate from this school, I would be prepared to understand trends and provide solutions in the evolving healthcare market. So far, my exposure has been fairly limited and though I have grand plans I do not know the integration of technology and management in this field of healthcare.

This is what I would need in any healthcare organization and also in my own rehabilitation center. My ultimate aim is to improve the quality of life of physically impaired people in my residential city in Saudi Arabia and I am convinced that this Master of Health Management Systems Program would equip me with the necessary skills to fulfill my obligations to society.

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