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Managerial mistakes

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It is very pertinent for each and every employee to comprehend the contents of the employees handbook. This is so because the success, or otherwise of a company would depend on how diligent its workers are. It is also important for the employees not to break any law. Moreover, managerial mistakes can lead to litigation.

it is important that employees understand the policy of the company and strive hard to stand by it. By so doing, the company can stay focused and weather its challenges. However, in a situation whereby some workers decide, from outside the book, what to do and what not to do; it would lead to a situation whereby there would be conflict of interest between that of the worker and also the employees.

Petty crimes and mistakes should never be swept under the carpet. Misdeeds like sexual harassment must be treated appropriately so as to save the face of the company if eventually a legal redress is sought by the individual that was abused.

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It is important for the employees to know the consequences of indulging any form of corrupt practises, including embezzlement. This is a heinous crime that retards the progress of the company and no stone should be left unturned in preventing it at all cost. Any one found guilty should be punished accordingly.

Diligence should also be rewarded. All unproductive staff should be made to double up their effort else, they should be shown the way out.

There are dire consequences for any company that fails to put the leash on its employees. Aside from bad publicity that it would bring to the company, valued time and resources would be expended on prosecuting litigations and complaints that are eventually brought against the employee or even the company as a whole.

Also, the community would not he able to benefit from whatever service the company renders due to lack of confidence in its operations.


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