Macbook Consumer Behaviour Analysis

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Business 4274F Consumer Behaviour Individual Assignment Oct, 26, 2012 General Information MacBook Air is a series of laptop created by Apple Inc. which makes the product distinguished and remarkable due to its ultraportability and thinness and elegant style. It was originally introduced and released in Jan 29, 2008 by Steve Jobs, the previous CEO of Apple Inc. The company typically releases new models for this series annually. The most recent release was in Jun 11, 2012, which has two models, one has an 11’’ screen, and the other gets a 13’’ screen.

The series of MacBook Air has been very successful since its inception. Its success is not only reflected in the vast profit it made for Apple, but also in the inspiration it gives to the whole PC manufacturing market to make ultraportable and elegant-style laptop which can also balance performance. Hardware The most important factor which makes the MacBook Air so successful, in my opinion, is the great balance of portability and power of the product.

The laptop features a unibody design which makes possible to significantly reduce thickness and weight, and also it integrates with the latest CPU of Intel (3rh generation Core i5 and i7), and SSD (Solid State Drive) to give more power and capability to use. The design is another factor. The machined aluminium casing and backlit keyboard make it look elegant and handsome. This design also delivers inspiration to the PC manufacturer. Many PC manufacturers copied the design and used it to re-design their own laptop, and they call them “Ultrabook”, which is targeted the same consumers and market as the MacBook Air.

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Software Compared with the hardware, the software is a more distinguished component of the product. MacBook Air, as well as other Mac series, is using the Macintosh system (also called OS X system). Unlike the PC industry where manufacturer buy the system license from Microsoft, which separates the hardware and software, OS X system is solely designed by Apple with the intention to work perfectly with the hardware. The trackpad on the laptop is the best over other laptops. People can use multi-touch gestures which enables them to control the laptop naturally and smoothly as they are using the iPad.

And also, the system has come with many apps designed by Apple, so that those apps have uniform style with the system and great features. Involvement I have high-involvement attitude toward MacBook Air, referring to the ABC Model of Attitude. Before I got the feels about the product, I have got some beliefs of it, as follows: 1. The logo of Apple for me has been a label of “good design” and “user-friendly” 2. I had bought iPod and iPad, so I’m sure the Mac will be suit me as the other two products do 3. A friend who also has the products told me the laptop changed his life 4.

The OS X system is more beautiful than the Windows system 5. Portability is the priority because I want to carry it with me everywhere, and Mac has it 6. The system has faster response and less virus threats than Windows 7. Mac has very good synergy with other Apple products, so it can work well with my iPad I evaluated those beliefs according to my values, which is, referred to textbook, a belief that some conditions is preferable to its opposite. My values are the preferences of efficiency, elegant style, and reliable performance.

Those beliefs give me a feel that the laptop is worth buying, though it’s more expense than other laptops. And then the feel gives me the behavior, which is the intention to pay for that. This is a high-involvement attitude toward the product, because the choice process is very careful and comprehensive. This also yields a great brand loyalty to Apple, and makes me wipe all the Windows-based laptop out from my buying list. Means-end Chain Analysis Attribute-value Table Attribute Fast response Portability Elegant style Less virus threats

Benefit I can use it anytime I need it I can carry it with me I feel happy when I see the beautiful thing I feel safe and less worries Value A more efficient life A comfortable life Pleasure Safety Synergy with my iPad More efficient to use my iPad and the Mac Efficiency Associative Network of Knowledge The associative network of knowledge starts at the laptop, which is the class-level decision, and Apple’s laptop is the most favorable product for me, because it has the most links with the positive end states.

The laddering technique illustrates the most important end state is efficient and comfortable. Cheap Windows system Microsoft PC Familiar Product Comfortable Laptop Good taste Elegant Apple Thin and light Portability Expensive Safe Synergy with other product Fast response Good CPU Carrying it with me SSD Efficient Advertisement In this advertisement, the MacBook Air was put on a file bag. The comparison of the Mac and the bag makes me believe the laptop can be placed into the small bag easily.

The message the ad delivers to me is very clear: the product is very handy and portable. The message delivery is very efficient, because this is what I concern about. The picture let me think about the portability of the laptop, which is the attribute of the product, and then I would think about the benefits the portability can give me, for example I can carry it with me everywhere and I won’t be tired by its weight. Last, I compared the benefits with the end values of mine, if those benefits meet the values, it yields positive attitude and feel about the product.

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