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Lululemon Athletica

Last week I read a story about yoga clothes-maker/fashion brand Lululemon and their fairly blatant disregard for any sort of overweight or plus-size consumers. In short, they admitted that selling to women who wear size 12 and smaller is an important business strategy for them, and that it’s based on “design, capacity and operational perspective. ” That video seems to only anger some customers more.

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One wrote in response, “On one hand you are bashing us for being fat and on the other hand bashing us for maybe trying to do something about it.

Should my fat ass’ squeeze nto a small size Just so I can say I own a pair… no! ” In a video, Chip Wilson, the founder of athletic label Lululemon has apologized for suggesting that women’s fat thighs were to blame for a line of yoga pants being recalled for being too sheer lululemon has released the video statement below from CEO Chip Wilson. It’s Just shy of a minute, and if you were expecting an apology, this isn’t it. The message is confusing, and “I’m really sad for the repercussions of my actions” seems like an apology to lululemon employees, not the consumers.

He closes with a cryptic request o “stay in the conversation. ” What do you think? Are you buying it? So he ended up blaming the customer for the quality control problem within the company, and that’s what enraged the customers So, the media spoke to lulu enthusiasts and the customers went right ahead and said we have no interest in buying lulu products any more. Lululemon doesn’t have the obligation to manufacture yoga pants but blaming customers for their defective see through pants wasn’t cool either. The rules: 1 . A second chance comes after one error, not several. 2. You don’t turn

Namaste into nasty unless you want a serious time out. 3. Never blame mommy’s thighs for anything, ever. Just how bad things can get when you refuse to own up to mistakes and choose to blame and insult others instead. Wilson’s eyes appear slightly moist, his voice shaking. He seems to be apologizing to his colleagues and appealing for calm, but fails to address any of his controversial comments specifically. The glitches cost the company millions of dollars, damaged its reputation and depressed its share price. The recall continues to weigh on the company’s performance, resulting in late deliveries.