Long-term Negative Effect of Breatharianism

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A reason behind I became a breatharian is to maintain a slim figure, living healthy, and happy. Unfortunately, any of those my wish doesn’t come true. That’s why I decided to inform the vice squad for further investigation into the organization. The breatharian diet neither includes food nor water. However, after seeing several YouTube video and commercial on flyer, I was convinced by the specious way to live life. Once I enrolled, I came to know many things, for example, some of the main people of the organization not even follow their own instruction which is not to eat or drink.

I would like to share my personal experience and that is I am completely unsatisfied with diet plan and even their promises. They said to me that, “if you live only on light and air, you became healthier and happier more than you are right now. ” Nevertheless, just following there instruction I became ill. I had to visit an emergency room of hospital twice a month. Now, I am suffering from high blood pressure. That’s just my experience. One of my friends also enrolled in this program and she is suffering from renal disease.

I want to submit this report against the organization, because I feel their only purpose is to make money out of people like us. They are making this money by enrolment and seminar fees. In addition to that, after one month experience of being part of their program, I feel that they not follow their own instruction. I saw one of them eating outside the Taco Bell. The diet plans they provide are dangerous and lead many lives in danger. After all it’s our moral duty to save local citizen. It’s my humble request to take a step towards the organization.

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