Roots uses language to persuade the dragons to invest in his product

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How does Levi Roots use language to sell his product to the dragons? Levi Roots uses spoken language devices to persuade the dragons to invest in his product. He uses a variety of spoken language techniques such as pausing, overlapping, turn taking and accent in order to persuade the dragons. The dragons respond in a warm way, and join in the humour Levi creates throughout the interview; this suggests that Levi root was successful in persuading the dragons. His use of language also sets mood and tone in different situations throughout the interview.

As Levi enters the room, he starts to sing a song. This catches the dragon’s attention as they have never been welcomed in such way before. This suggests that they are amused and are willing to hear what Levi has to share with the dragons. There is light humour at the start of the interaction when Levi decides to joke about his own name, ‘My real name (. ) is Keith’ the slight pause may suggest possible reluctance, as he may feel uncomfortable in sharing his name with other people.

However, he may also be pausing for comic effect because he knows what the response will be and how the dragons will react in return. Most of the times, Levi uses pausing to create humour and comic effect, this helps him to create bond with the dragons. Throughout the interview, Levi overlaps the dragons, not mainly because of disagreement but to show that he understands and respects their views and ideas as well as making polite explanations. ‘|Thank you very much (. ) no it’s not it’s my studio name’ Levi overlaps when Theo Paphitis asks if Levi Roots is his ‘real name’.

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He makes a polite explanation and tells him that his real name is Keith. However, the fact that ‘Levi Roots’ is his studio name shows that he has an original name whom nearly most of the people will call him by. Moreover, the fact that only famous and professional people have studio names shows the dragons that Levi Roots may be one of them or ‘can’ be one of them in the future if he is able to convince the dragons to invest in his product. Levi’s varies his choices of words and phrases to persuade them. ‘I don’t see me would have... this is an example of Levi’s Jamaican dialect; his spoken language does not suit the context or the situation he is in, but he is able to control it by creating bond with the dragons, through humour. ‘You’ve just you’ve just lost so much credibility,’ this shows that Levi has achieved to create a bond with them as Duncan Bannatyne joins in the humorous tone and is mirroring Levi. ‘Oh dear (. ) right,’ stated by Theo Paphitis, he has become more serious and has returned to his formal tone suggesting that he is ready to talk business with Levi Roots.

Realizing that Roots himself can’t create anymore humour, he changes the way he speaks to make a more formal way and tries to do his best to convince the dragons that he is a good businessman. However he starts to overlap and pause more often than he did before at the start of the interaction, this shows that he is hesitating and is nervous as he does not want to say something he shouldn’t. It also suggests that he cares in what he has to say, and wants to be seen as a confident, businessman who wants to sell his product. I think Theo must be this handsome guy right in front of me, here’ Levi realizes that things have become more serious, so he tries his best to stay relaxed and bring back the humour so he does not have to hesitate anymore. Levi’s humorous tone shows the dragons that he is being himself and is being as truthful as he can in order to be able to sell his product. By acting this way, Levi is able to get attention from the dragons, making them want to hear more on what Levi has to say, it also makes the interview more interactive as he involves comic and humour as well. Ah sold. I like you already’ this shows that Levi has won one of the dragons over as he is joining in the humour. It also shows that Theo is eager to maintain light-hearted. Also the humorous bond between the two suggests that Levi Roots is charismatic. Moreover, the filler ‘Ah’ suggests that Theo feels confident when talking to Levi, as he does not feel like he has to follow the specific tone and the ‘business talk’ script. This implies that Levi is able to persuade the dragons to buy his product as he is staying light-hearted.

It also implies that Levi is able to convince someone like Theo to use fillers, suggesting that they are on the same level and are equal to one another. This is because business people like the dragons rarely use fillers whilst talking and the reason why Levi Roots may be seen as ‘charismatic’ is because he has successfully persuaded him to use filler. When Roots is asked to confirm the carnival sales, he decides to clarify it’s ‘Notting Hill Carnival’, this implies that he is confident and proud ith what he has produced and done due to the event’s high profile and popularity. Notting Hill Carnival is one of the most famous, and most-visited carnivals of all time, and as Levi Roots has sold Reggae sauce at the carnival shows the dragons that he had good sales and has sold the product to many people. Levi Roots is also specific with his values; this implies enthusiasm and knowledge of his own product. However it also shows that he is a desirable business partner and is someone who can be trusted, which is a way Levi uses to get closer to the dragons. Two and a half thousand bottles at the carnival” this connotates that Duncan is amused by how much Levi has sold at the carnival. He repeats Levi to confirm what has been said once again, and politely Levi overlaps with a ‘yes,’ showing his confidence and that he is certain with the number of products sold. As things have become more serious, the dragons and as well as Levi take turns to talk, suggesting that they are interested in what others have to say.

Levi repeats words more often and feels like he has to pause more because he knows that the dragons are focused on him and is taking his words more seriously than they used to at the start of the interaction. “Yes at the moment I make it at my home in my kitchen and my children help me and an we just sort of do it as a family” it comes to a point where Duncan B. asks Levi where he makes the sauce. Making it at home suggest amateur operation so his nerves are beginning to show.

Although Levi was trying to stay focused on his words and tone, he loses control as he is nervous and goes back to his informal tone of language. This shows the dragons that he is hesitating and is more nervous because he is scared to hear what their responses will be as it is more likely to be negative. However he may also be perceived positively as he ‘is’ a good family man with attractive qualities who spends time with family. Also ragae sauce may be the reason which keeps the family together, also this may leave the dragons in awe. This will secure the investment as

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