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Statement of Purpose

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To whom so ever it may concern

Mr. Your name was my student during his undergraduate program. He is intelligent, hardworking and motivated student. His power of assimilation and his ability to grasp new concepts is good. His enthusiasm for work was conspicuous and he is proved himself to be a natural leader.

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Besides, he is also good in English language skills and has taken part in many debates and other literary activities. He has bagged many prizes in state-level intercollegiate contests. I am very sure that he will put forth all his efforts into any task he confronts. His positive outlook, capability to work with peers and his willingness to learn from his experimental situation bear testimony that he will do very well in this post graduate studies in your renowned institution. I strongly recommend Mr. Your name for admission to the post graduate program of your university.

Thanking you, Yours sincerely (Mr. Your Lecturer name)


To whom so ever it may concern

It is my great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Your name, for admission into your postgraduate program. I have know Mr. Your name since july 2007 in my capacity as senior HR executive with Your company name PVT LTd. Mr.

Your name has exceeded expectations and has out – shined others in his work group. Mr. Your name strong work ethics, his ability to outperform and passion towards service excellence will be a value addition for your program. I am confident that Mr. Your name will be serious and enthusiastic candidate and someday a quiet successful senior level manager or entrepreneur that would be proud to call an alumini. If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me over the phone or via email.


Sample Statement of Purpose

Glad to introduce myself as Mr. YOUR NAME, a Software Engineer at present, with 5 years of experience in Software Testing, Quality Analysis and Management. My career is my passion, and it holds my fullest devotion, dedication and commitment. I belong to the field of IT Services Management, which had been the dream I had, the obsession in me and the long term desire that had lingered in me for a long while. And finally, when I got into this, I could give nothing from me but the best.

To add more value to the same, I have decided with the best thought of doing my Masters Degree from a reputed institution which would give me not only a degree but also a new style of learning with international standards, innovative methods of self-development skills and the ability of survival among the fittest. Hence, I was left with no other ideas and suggestions from experts, other than to join you, the Bolton University, which I believe should shape me and make myself qualified fit for the IT Services Management skills and to the progress in the modern globalized cultures, technology and era.

I hold my Under-Graduate degree, B.Sc in Computer Science which I had completed in the period June 2001 to May 2004. I pursued my UG Degree in the YOUR College. The syllabus covered here gave me immense knowledge on Software Development, Software Building, Software Techniques, Hardware Configurations, Mathematical skills and Personality Development. I was elected to be the Students’ Chairman at my final year which had inspired me to know more about the management skills.

I was an ardent speaker, athlete and player at my college and finally passed out with prominence winning the “Best Outgoing Student” Award at my final year. As a starting point in my career, I got employed as a Software Test Engineer with the YOUR EMPLOYER technologies, Chennai during the period June 2004. It was here that my zeal had taken an initial contour. I was poured with surplus opportunities around me to learn, to explore, to build, to experiment, to renovate and to give a shape to myself. I learned the concepts of IT services practically.

I gained buoyancy in myself. And with that hope I moved to Accenture YOUR EMPLOYER Pvt Ltd, Chennai during the period August 2006. I was promoted as a Senior Programmer. From that time until now, I keep on renewing myself to the changes in the technologies, to the new ways novelty, the exciting facts of Software Testing and many more. I got certified with the National Stock Exchange of India in Financial Services and Capital Markets. I got certified with the IBM Services in Rational Functional Tester tool.

I got certified with the HP Services in Quality Center – Defect Management tool and the Quick Test Professional tool. I am also certified with the International Software Testing Qualification Board, as a certified Manual Software Tester. I had won the Celebrating Performance Award from Accenture thrice, for having achieved extreme satisfaction levels from the clients, building my technical skills and for the professionalism I depict in my job. But my journey towards success is still a few more miles away.

I need to sparkle in my career with a Master’s Degree in my relevant field – the Services Management, without which my career would not be fulfilled. For this to occur, I need your help, your support and your guidance. The Bolton University gives its students a degree with a dignified knowledge of survival amidst the global standards and also makes you learn the professional development skills in creative leadership. I wish to be a part with you to develop myself in many such areas. Therefore, I request you to accept my purpose and make me move ahead in my career with more confidence and venerable knowledge.

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