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Laos Wedding

Laos Wedding When I watched the Thai movie Lao Wedding, I remembered Khru Poi’s wedding and compared how similar the weddings are. The movie’s premise is very interesting. The movie started with the female protagonist, seen as anxious and nervous about the wedding.

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She called her fiance and we learned that they haven’t really been together for so long yet they will marry. The male protagonist is a magazine writer/photographer form Thailand while the girl is from Laos. The guy is sure about their wedding, but the girl is a bit worried.

But eventually, the wedding went on as planned. I found the setting very interesting, it’s in Laos, and it seemed like it was in the provincial area since there were only a few people shown. When the couple are going out in restaurants and clubs, there are only very few other customers, most of the time the establishments are even empty. The town seems very quiet and peaceful, very different from the city. I think it was intentional that the setting was placed there, to compare how different it is from the usual city life.

It was really interesting to see the different customs and traditions of Laos wedding ceremonies. I also compared it with the Filipino wedding and it was quite similar especially the part where the parents of the ones to be married talk about the event. Overall, I find the film okay. I was not totally jumping about it. It wasn’t really boring but I just found that not much happened, not much comedy, not much romance. But I find the movie interesting because of the real life situation/dilemmas couples from different countries face.