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December 9, 2010 Reflection on Pope John Paul II movie I found the movie Pope John Paul II very interesting and spiritually moving. God tells us in the bible that following him is not free of tribulation. He comforts by telling us he will not put anything against us that we cannot overcome. Sacrifice is one the key ingredients that comes with following the Lord. Pope John Paul II is a wonderful role model to follow when it comes to sacrifice. When the Nazis were trying to put an end to religion Karol was busy studying Gods word. By doing this, he is willing to sacrificing his life, because if he was caught he would be killed.

He spent much of his younger years with friends, teaching them about human dignity and God. Before his Cardinal Years Karol sacrificed having a wife and children so that he could follow his passion for the Catholic religion and become a priest. After many years he was elected Cardinal and then Pope of Poland. Another moral issue in this film is the commitment of many mortal sins. Murder is the main sin seen throughout the movie. The Nazi’s wanted the polish to be miserable and gave them little freedom. If anyone was found rebelling against their strict laws they would be beaten and killed.

This sin is repeated numerous times a day, and in great numbers. Even after the war died down murder wasn’t over. This is seen When Pope John Paul II life was unexpectedly put in danger when someone shot at him while he was making an appearance in public. Pope John Paul II fought for his life and continued to try and bring peace among people. All in all this movie is a wonderful example of what it means to follow Christianity. Pope John Paul II is a delightful man who brought a sense of comfort with him when speaking to the people. I found this movie very enjoyable and would recommend it to many people.

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