James Madison and Alexander Hamilton as Two of America’s Founding Fathers

Last Updated: 22 Feb 2023
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Founding Leaders

Oliver Ellsworth

Oliver Ellsworth is considered a founding father in the United States. He participated in the constitutional convention in 1787 as a representative of Connecticut and was very active in the proceedings. During the deliberations, Ellsworth made a proposition that the representation in the legislative arm of the governments should remain in the state. Additionally, he was also accredited with coining the term the United States since the term national was initially used.

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Ellsworth was supportive of the three-fifths clause although he was opposed to the concept of abolishing the foreign slave trade,

Charles Cotesworth Pinckney

As an individual, Charles was the most sensitive to the infringements that were upon the South's rights to ensure that they preserved slavery and the slave trade. If Charles lived at our current time, then he would be considered as being Racist due to his views. To Charles, slavery was a positive good and in no instance did he imagine that blacks could be treated as equals with the whites. He was responsible for fighting to protect the slave trade at the constitutional convention. Even after the constitutional convention, Charles was still adamant that the blacks could not be treated as equals with the whites. Moreover, he was opposed to the compromise clause of three- fifths in that he saw the process as setting a precedent that would eventually allow the federalcongress to outlaw slavery in its territories.

James Madison

It was James Madison who came up with the idea of counting the slaves in that three out of five slaves would be counted towards the population.  James Madison was one of the American statesmen and founding fathers. He served as the American president from 1809 to 1817. He played a major role in the promotion of the American bill of rights and the conceptualization of the American constitution (Wikipedia). His major contribution to the politics of America was driven by the weakness of the Confederation and Shay's Rebellion articles. He was determined to promote a strong central government and in the year 1787, John was recognized as the leader of delegates advocating for a stronger central government. His copious writings became the source of information for historians on Convention. He is also popular with the Virginia plan. Most of his proposals concerning the government ultimately formed part of the final Constitution draft. He later became named the father of constitution owing to his relentless efforts during constitutional convention and through his Federalist writings.

Alexander Hamilton He was one of the founding fathers. Hamilton contributed towards the joining of the thirteen semi-independent segments into a unified political unit. When he was Washington's treasury secretary he implemented reforms regarding the payment to the debts of creditors, initiation of long-range funds for the federal government which helped the government to remain afloat financially and the leasing of the private national reservoir with the support of the federal government (Flexner). Hamilton also created the institutions that were needed to stabilize the unbalanced agricultural sector which ensured a strong and long lasting nation. He won universal recognition when he came up with the principle of "implied powers" which unrestricted the constitution from its original wordings allowing the government of the day to change it to satisfy the needs of the people.

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