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Is the norwegian language under threat?

Is the Norwegian language under threat”? More and more words from other languages is blending in, in the Norwegian language.The biggest threat” to the Norwegian language is English.As the English language slowly took over most parts of the world as the official language of several post-colonized country, it’s on the way to take the Norwegian language completely our tongue.

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No one can deny the fact how much English has Influence our every day, It’s a well-known fact that Norwegian words Is substituted with English. American

English Is settling faster than British English on the Norwegian shelf. USA has basically been the most dominant force after the Second World War, they have expanded their businesses on a massive scale, they reign supreme on the entertainment and In term of science and technology field, USA Is one of, If not on top. These popular fields which they have exceeded on also bring their American- English on top, other businesses, entertainment Industries, and the science- technological world must cope with them and, they have to use American-English more consistently on every day basis. They provide the information to the people. D people to tend to catch on words than can maybe explain a word on their mother tongue better or simply because it is a lot simpler to say that word, English tends to be not so difficult language to learn, even for young children, as they use technological devices and internet to read information, or to even play games, chic portrays a strong role, to learn young children into learning English. If this continues, American-English would eradicate the Norwegian language a lot faster than we think. As the linguistic Selfless Limier said, we have to find means to end this American-

English language takeover, he mentioned that we need to convert basic English word back into Norwegian e. G bacon-O sidedness. This way we may stand a chance to preserve Norwegian. My thoughts on this matter is straightforward, American-English landed firmly on Norwegian soil and it’s here to stay for good, the question remains is how long does it going to take before English becomes the official language of this country. A large number of well know industries which is located in Norway, do only speak English and you also have to apply for the Job on English, even though it means working on

Norwegian land, I myself have experienced this. Remember what the history of the English language has done to the population of the world, slowly clawed Its way to the top the tongues of the inhabitants by certain ways, and drained the native language form their core and replaced It with English words and or as an official language Is history doomed to repeat Itself or does the Norwegian language stand a chance, our next generations will live to tell the tale. BY ibbi2206 our tongue. No one can deny the fact how much English has influence our every day, it’s a well-known fact that Norwegian words is substituted with English.

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