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Of the many distinct qualities a person may hold, Leadership has become one of the greatest. A leader is someone recognized because of their undying courage, strength, and passion as well as many other notable qualities. Grounds: A leader is someone who stands out from the crowd and takes charge to accomplish a task or goal. For example, in the movie, Iron Jawed Angels, Alice Paul showed great leadership in her fight for woman's suffrage. She not only went against the odds but she also took command by starting the WON, separating herself from NASA.

Alice Paul showed strength and courage as she picketed in front of the White House as well as starving herself in prison, starting a hunger strike. Another prime example of leadership is Lucy Burns, who was a visionary that took action in fighting for woman's rights alongside Alice. After being thrown into a woman's prison, Burns demands the warden respect their rights, only to be cuffed with her arms above her cell door. Alice and Lucy served as examples for the others through their passion and conviction.

The rebellious spirit of the two younger activists is in stark contrast to the ore conservative older women. They had no vote, no political clout, no equal rights. But what they lacked under the law they made up for with brains, determination and courage. Warrants: After series of events that pushed the woman suffragists down, they came back harder and stronger with more force and even more determination. Their roles as leaders grew the more they struggled. The woman's goal to earn their right to vote was a battle that challenged not only their inner capabilities but also the success of the WON.

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They were brave in spite of danger, they showed wisdom in their political debates, and they gave hope to all women who were treated unequal. Their reputation followed them as their responsibility as leaders and example to others grew. Backing: During the time of war, the women saw it as an opportunity to keep fighting for their rights. They would not let their fight for suffrage fade as did during the Civil War. The women fought Woodrow Wilson to support the suffrage movement as well as fought Congress using the media to gain support.

From hanging banners during ingression's meetings to marching the streets in Washington, Alice and Lucy held their heads high in spite of their oppressors. Their influence grew as their fight for their rights became a national conflict sweeping across America. Emily Leighton became another powerful leader who was heavily influenced by the woman suffragists. From helping fund the WON to walking out on her Democratic husband, Emily became a major figure in the suffragist's movement as well as an inspiration to all ladies. Suffragists' movement. Carrie Chapman Cast of the NASA was only a leader by title, to by her actions.

She took a more passive approach to fighting for woman's rights that preferred a state-by-state approach rather than passing a constitutional amendment. Her differences with the younger activists caused conflict with the NP by closing the D. C. Committee along with accusation of using party expenditures. Cast discouraged the younger activists ways of gaining political attention along with their separation of NASA into a new woman's suffragists party. Her role as a leader was only a reflection of her power in NASA unlike the young activists who fought with earth.

Qualifier: Throughout history, leaders emerge when a battle is at hand. No one can proclaim himself or herself a leader. They are born into this world, with a purpose, and a cause. They show great qualities which gives others strength. They influence those around them and give hope when there is none to be found. A leader will march first into battle but will be the last one to leave. Their inspiration and courage motivates others to fight the common cause and to never give up. Alice Paul is one of the many great leaders that will be recognized in history forever.

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