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The Iron Age was crucial as it was the development of highly sophisticated social and physiological development of humans'. There are multiple reasons why the Celtic Iron age has such significant. Firstly, the technology that had been created by the new found metal had major impacted on the Celtic society. Secondly, new lifestyles that massively change how humans use to live. Amongst this coinage had also been Introduced within Celtic regions which Invented more practical ways of trading. There was also an Increase interest In personal appearance along with a more relaxed lifestyle.

Celtic people also began to Invent things to do for leisure. Lastly, Celtic religion started to evolve and politics was beginning to be invented. The Celtic Iron Age would be considered the most important within the Three-age System regarding to human societal development in Europe. It has made many improvements for humans to achieve the level of societal complexity today. The development of advance human society has mostly evolved though the revolutionary advances in weapons and crafts that were forged by Iron. Iron was very significant and made life for humans much easier after its discovery.

Many of the weapons forged by iron was much stronger and lighter Han bronze, this allowed for improvements to be made to weapons and agricultural tools. Many of the common tools that were used during the Celtic Iron Age are till used today. For example the sickles or pruning hooks which were used by Iron Age farmers, the tool was used for cutting and shaping branches and hurdles unlike most farmers that use them today as to harvest cereal crops or cutting grass for hay. There were also several other tools that were developed during the Iron Age and its designs have been kept and improved on for many years.

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Tools such as the hammers, files, axes and many other metal-working tools. Even though early stages of these tools have already been developed during the Stone and Bronze Age, the Celtic Iron Age has truly perfect it. Evidence form everyday tools that society still uses in the 20th century shows many similarities and some can be considered virtually identical to the tools that were used more than two thousand years ago. The tools were made to build houses, make weapons and farm. These were the necessary tools to that develop human society Into a more complex one.

Thus, this demonstrates that the Celtic Iron Age In Europe has help significantly to the development of human society s the discovery of Iron was revolutionary wealth humans. Without this ore, modern society In Europe would have not reach Its level of sophistication as Iron played a also shown impressive improvements that are still useful to everyday life in modern society. Therefore this shows how the Celtic Iron age has a high level of importance regarding to societal development in Europe. 1 Oliver, N. 2011. A History of Ancient Brittany.

United Kingdom, Phoenix. Up. 217 2 Ibid. , 3 S. James and V. Rugby, 'Iron Farming Tools', British Museum [weapon], (1997) http:// www. Brutishness. Org/explore/highlights/highlight_bob]sects/pee_BRB/I/ Ron_farming_tools. Asps Para. 3, accessed 27 June 2013. The importance of the Celtic Iron age regarding to human societal development in Europe was significant as the development and improvements of agriculture had greatly affected the way that people had lived in the in the past ages. It has also have shaped how humans tend to live today.

The Stone Age and the Bronze Age had consisted of hunting and gathering food and there was little to no agricultural activity. However, the Celtic Iron Age was primarily agricultural and their daily routines would have consisted with maintaining crops and livestock. This can be seen though evidence in the environment. Evidence in forms of carbonized grains and pollen, it was shown that new crops were introduced and many wheat's had been farmed and grown in the fields. This meant that people began to develop permanent settlement as they were preoccupied by farming and caring for livestock.

As humans began to stay in permanent housing they also began to live in villages. This was unlike the previous ages as they were mostly hunter-gather societies when it was rarely done. They would only hunt in small groups and constantly travel as there were high risk of danger. The new agricultural life style opened many opportunities of improvement to the human society. Living in villages increase and improved human social development as they gain new skills through looking after life stock and farming as this improved their intelligence.

As historian, a Neil Oliver quotes, 'These steps alone had made a profound and deeply transforming social revolution's. The Iron Age did not Just improve human society by advancing in technology, however, they have also improved on having a better grasp on the practical necessities such social and leisure activities. During the Celtic Iron Age, the Celtic had much more time than their ancestors after the development of permanent housing. They were able to socialism more and focus on things that they were not able to in the past.

This included on their personal appearances and activities for leisure. Archaeological evidence of Celtic Iron Age housing shows that many of these houses contained looms. Evidence of clothing form the Celtic Iron Age have shown to be made out of either linen or wool. The fabric would have been dyed bright colors and were woven with striped or checked patterns. There was also evidence from the archaeological record of brooches, pins and other dress accessories that would have played both a functional and decorative role on the clothing.

Classical text also gives clues of what the Cells may have looked like an example of this is Odorous Sculls who was an Ancient Greek Historian, who wrote: When they are eating the moustache becomes entangled in the food, and when they that both men and women may have grown their hair long and also plaited it. This evidence has truly shown how human society had changed after the Iron Age. It demonstrates how humans have developed in intelligence by domesticating animals and also on how they have evolved.

Thus, the importance of the Celtic Iron Age regarding to societal development is very significant as this had not only taught them a more relaxing way of life. It was also the first steps of humans being more social and advance creatures though their physiological development. Being able to maintain livestock, farm and also create accessories and tools that were much more developed than previous ages. 4 Jinni. S. , 'Ancient History in depth: Life in an Iron Age Village', BBC History [weapon], (2013) http://www. BBC. O. UK/history/ancient/British_prehistory/ orange_intro_01 . SHTML Agriculture Para. , accessed 4 July 2013. Upriver, pop. Cit. , p. 217 6 Jinni, pop. Cit,. Appearance Para. 2 accessed 4 July 2013. Fernando. C. , 'Pair of metal detector friends discover three quarters of a ton of Iron Age coins worth Loom buried in a field in Jersey after searching for 30 years', Mainline [weapon}, (2012) http://www. Dilemma. Co. UK/sciences/article-2164897/ Iron-Age-coins-worth-l Mom-discovered-]erase-metal-detector-friends. HTML accessed 6 July Lastly, the importance of the Celtic Iron age regarding to human societal development in Europe is significant as the religions and rules that existed during he time has truly effected on how society is run in the present. The Celtic Iron Age demonstrated that religion had a large impact in Celtic society much like it has in modern society. The Cells shared a common religious system, it also revealed that the Cells had strict rules of worship to their religion as evidence of human sacrifices such as the Tolland Man and Windy Girl have been found.

The Greek and Roman texts provide a number of pertinent observations and a comprehensive account was given by Caesar in his description of Goulash society. The largest religion in modern society had also came out of the Celtic Iron Age. The Monastery of Illuminant Afar also known as the Illuminant Major can be considered the axis of early Celtic Christianity. Evidence of this includes the ruins of churches that are in modern Ireland and Britain. Many Celtic Scripps and illustrations have also suggest that Christianity has emerged from the era.

This also wildly demonstrates how important the Celtic Iron Age is to the development of human society as without it, many things in modern society may not have existed. Political control and early stages of feudalism was also introduced as in each city state or village. In each village there would be an en or lord', legal or 'king' and ins or 'governor-priest' controlling it. This example demonstrates a high level of human intelligence and also an example of how the Iron Age was very significant regarding to humans societal development as this system last for centuries which demonstrated its success.

Another significant introduction was the introduction of coins within Europe. This demonstrated a large change in how humans were now living. Through coins, it was positive that trading had become a popular lifestyle, by having coins, the Cells were beginning to have an easier life style as they didn't need to trade in the crops that they grow. They were able to grow more food and grow wealthy. As this system of exchanging money for goods is still the impact it has on the development of human society, as from the Iron Age many new systems have developed.

Which demonstrates how significant the Celtic Iron Age really is as many things may not exist if the Iron Age had not occur. Thus, the Celtic Iron Age was highly significant to human societal development in Europe. The Iron Age had introduced a number of complex things that enabled human intelligence to expand. This included farming, new tools, religion, politics and the adaptation of a new epistyle. The Celtic Iron Age had truly changed how humans have lived and improved.

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