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Romeo you can only make fun of love if you've never been heartbroken. Juliet enters on the balcony. Hold up, who's that hottie over there? Is that a triangle i see because juliet is definitely a right one. Showing off from all the angles, gosh she knows how to make someone jealous. The stars with they could be her to make people smile out of beauty instead of a ball of gas. Those clothes make her look ugly, only nerds wear suspenders. Get a gucci belt. Oh, there goes my baby! Oh, if only she knew how much i'm into her. Her hands are saying the’re cold, wish i could warm them, but i'm kinda cold too. She’s ignoring me, even though she doesn't know i'm here. If her hair was a crown it would be from antarctica because it’d be full of ice. I wish i were a priest, because i'd love to marry her. (winks at camera) juliet my gosh romeo (to himself) her voice is so sweet that apples are quaking. Keep talking.. Wow i don't say that often. Juliet (not knowing romeo hears her) romeo, for what reason do you have to be yourself? Discount about your guardian and change your name to something more compatible. If not, explicitly confess your emotions for me. Romeo (to himself) should i tell her? Juliet (still not knowing romeo hears her) i only have such gravity for your name. Even if you elude your name montague, you wouldn’t discredit who you are.

In what world is montague? Montague isn’t a book, ruler, or pencil, so what precisely is it? A name has no definitive meaning. If we called a textbook something else, it wouldn’t efface its meaning. Your name doesn’t define the capacity of who you are. Please forgot your name, it constrains you. Acquiesce and take me as a reward. Romeo (to juliet) who is romeo, we don't have to speak of him if you don't like. Juliet display yourself. Do not hide in a void too dark for my eyes to comprehend. Romeo i don’t know what to say, you don’t like my name then i don’t either so, if you can’t think of anything you can always call me yours. Juliet you haven’t even said a plethora of words, yet i am aware of who you are romeo. And tell me are you not a montague? Romeo didn't i just explain that whole thing to you. Juliet inform me, how the hexahedron did you climb my walls. They are steep and slippery if you were to fall you could easily meet death. Also, are you aware of the danger you are in? Romeo i took a plane right over called “flip and roll”, then i snuck in your house with a little thing called finesse. Juliet they will annihilate you. Romeo come at me, all your fists couldn’t keep me away from you, and i’d love to see them try to tackle the starting varsity running back. (flexes to juliet) juliet i would do anything to help you, even give you an answer key! Romeo the night will hide me, and if you don’t like me i’ll leave, it’s really not that serious just say go and i’ll walk out. Juliet where are you locating information on where my bedroom is? Romeo this special something called, eyes. Juliet obviously you can’t see in a dark void. But if you could, you would see my cheeks glowing. I’d stay content if we complied with rule. But omit the rules. Do you have the same love for me as do i? Just utter the words i want to hear. I can’t be too guileless, you could be untruthful.

Romeo, if you really love me,then state it. Or i’ll play hard to get, just like you do to the other girls. Honestly, romeo i love you too much and i’ll show you how faithful i am. I. So please pardon me , and don’t conclude that my love isn’t existent. Romeo actually i can’t see in the light either i’m pretty blind but besides the point. Juliet i promise by my geometry grade, the very grade the shapes my gpa. Juliet don’t promise me with your geometry grade. Your grades are always fluctuating, remember that time when your average dropped twenty points! Nice try, but i wouldn't want to be promised to something so arbitrary. Romeo don’t act like yours is all that either at least mine is higher than yours, what would you prefer my princess? Juliet don’t promise me anything at all. But promise me you, who i watch every day like bill nye, i will consider you truthful. Romeo ok, well your being difficult and i’m really not in the mood to play hard to get— juliet just don’t. Even though you usher glee, i won’t trade-off for the glee you give. It’s just not logical. We haven’t contemplated enough. Similar to taking a test, you can take it, but you aren’t sure if you got a good grade until you see it. Good night. Graduley, our love is multiplying like when bacteria eats agar. I long to see you even though you are right in front of me. Romeo oh, so that it. Just good night? Juliet content? From where or what could make you so happy. Romeo how about an honest, mutual i love you? Juliet i committed my deep affection for you. Only so i can repeat. Romeo what? Are you being petty or what cause i’m confused. Juliet yes, so that i could do it again. But there is no need to desire something i already have. My benevolence to you is as boundless as the school hours and deeper than the depression my grades cause. Juliet exits. Romeo this is too good to be true, somebody come pinch me to make sure i’m awake- i am just joking pinch me if you want to! Juliet enters on her balcony. Juliet i have three words for you romeo, and then you can truly leave. If your aim as my lover are ethical and you want to forever be mine, email me.

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I’ll email you tomorrow , and you can email me back to state where and when you want to be married!. I’ll give everything i own, even my t-calculator, to be with you. Juliet (to the nurse) one minute(to romeo) but if you don’t have ethical reasons then— juliet okay! Give me some time— please i need to go. I’ll see you tomorrow romeo my ego depends on it— juliet good night don’t let the bedbugs bite. Juliet exit romeo leaving you is a thousand times worse than being near you. A lover goes toward his beloved as enthusiastically as a schoolboy leaving his books, but when he leaves his girlfriend, he feels as miserable as the schoolboy on his way to school. Romeo starts to leave. Juliet returns, on her balcony. Juliet romeo, above! I wish i got that new phone, so that it wouldn’t take as long to message you. Also i have to be quiet as a lion, because my guardians are sleeping. Or else i would roar until the unknown in space could hear me. I’d only say one word, “romeo.” romeo my soul calls for me. The sound of lovers calling each others names through the night is silver-sweet. It’s the sweetest sound a lover ever hears. Juliet romeo! Romeo what do you want? Juliet when should i email you, just making sure! Romeo like nine or something. Juliet place all of your trust in me. It already feels like it’s been centuries and i can’t recall why i called you over here in the first place. Romeo i’ll be right here waiting until you find what you’re looking for. Juliet it’s okay, you’d be standing here all night. Romeo i’ll stay here forever. I’ll forget that it’s a school night, which isn’t changing any of my plans.. Juliet the sun is starting to rise. I fancy to let you rome my romeo, but i wouldn’t let you go far. Only as far as my thoughts, but i would soon catch focus pulling you back.

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