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Immigration Population and Workforce in USA

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As the immigration population increases in the united States so does the New York workforce according to this article. Nonetheless this is not a very positive thing once the article goes in depth about why this is so. Sample says that in a time of widespread Joblessness, Mexicans, specifically in New York. Have proved to be skilled at finding and keeping work. The article focuses on Mexican because they are the it's largest immigrant group.

They have the highest rate of employment and are more likely to hold a Job compared to the typical New Work's native-born population. This data was In accordance with an analysis of the most recently available census data. Surprisingly statistics show that Mexicans In New York are even employed at a greater rate than Mexicans nationwide. Sadly, these statistics do not happen without out the consequences of workplace abuse. There are several reasons why illegal immigrants are the targets and ideal workers for most employers.

This is true for the fact that most employers are interested in hiring people who are willing to overlook some labor laws. Most of these workers said they had never been paid overtime compensation almost always were given the dirty Jobs and were sometimes forced to work on their only day off. As one of these employees said in the article, there is not much that they can do to even stand up for their right because they are too scared of either being fired or deported. The employment rate Just for New Work's working-age Mexican men is even higher at n astounding 97 percent.

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Some analysts believe that the census underestimates employment rates for populations with high numbers of Illegal Immigrants, Like Mexicans, because those without legal documentation fear revealing their employment status. Response: Sample addresses a lot of issues that emerge from hiring immigrants. There is not just the abuse of their rights and labor laws but, emotional or psychological abuse on these employees. This is a very helpful article for those who do not understand or are angered by immigrants taking over American Jobs.

It is not very appealing to the average American citizen to work long hours with a pay less than minimum wage. It is no surprise that in New York most Mexican immigrants are heavily concentrated in jobs that involve food preparation. Another area that they are not surprisingly hired in is construction. These are occupations that require a lot of hours on the Job and I know for a fact that Is can and most likely causes emotional stress particularly when hey are being extremely under paid.

Immigration Population and Workforce in USA essay

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