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Managing a diverse workforce

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Managing a Diverse Workforce

Our society is becoming more diverse. We can see people from different nation or different racial in our daily life, this situation is more obvious in school and workplace, especially in multinational. A diverse workforce combines employees from different nations, ethnic and gender that together create a more creative, innovative, and productive workforce. Many companies see workplace diversity as an investment toward building a better business.

However, although workplace diversity can help many make more profits, it also brings some challenges to employees and managers. Below are several common challenges often happened in workplace diversity. First challenge is poor communication (Holt, n. D. ). Workplace diversity often has employees from various backgrounds and experiences. Sometimes, those employees do not have common language. Therefore, it caused difficulties for employees to communicate with each other, and lead to misunderstandings and a decrease in productivity.

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Second challenge is resistance (Holt, n. D. ). Although oracle diversity can help company make more profits, some employees or business owners may not want to make any change, because those people only want to stay in their comfort zone. Therefore, making diversity in workplace without any plan may cause negative impacts, such as decrease productivity, damage morale and lead to bad workplace environment. Third challenge is discrimination. Employees may discriminate against others because those employees think they are better than others.

There are several types of discrimination may happened in workplace. For example, local employees may discriminate against foreign employees because local employees think they have geographical advantages, male may discriminate against female because male think they are better than female, white may discriminate against black or yellow because white think they are superior than them. There are too many possible discrimination may happen in workplace. For managing a diverse workplace, some companies use affirmative action to maintain the diverse in workplace.

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