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Edelman and Suchman points out that labor lawsuit judgment identify how a legal environment—which embodies legal, social and cultural norms—can diffuse liabilities brought upon by management instances (Biggert, 1997).  The constitution has provided several laws that state the rights of employees in any form of organization.  Private or government-owned, all companies must adhere to these laws and see to it that these rights are well exercised by any member of staff.   From the top executive down to the mechanical worker, every individual are entitled to these rights inasmuch as they are expected to follow the laws that comes along with their job description.  In such way, the law provides immunity both to the employer and employee in collaboration with creating a harmonious environment within the agency.

Hence, apart from these laws stated in the constitution, there are also regulations crafted by the organization which is agreed upon by the body as a whole and neither one shall defeat the purpose of such.  In the light, labor management suggests the importance of social justice and thereby encompasses disparity (Mezias, 2002).

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Interpretation of labor

A legal regulation in contracts divulged to in the context of labor is a central part in any organization or firm’s policy configuration.   The scope and focal purpose of a legal regulation may or may not be detrimental to labor—either that of mass disruption approach or perspective with party control.  Such theories are analyzed in both anti-labor and pro-labor laws, thus the results came up favorable with the latter given that the policies were found inconclusive with the small sample sizes of the studies conducted.  Conceivably, the said laws are weighed and strategically investigated in consideration with several variables—economic, class, society—to come up with more feasible outputs which will later be used beneficial to the concern of the general masses when it comes to the interpretation of labor (Biggert, 1997).

Analysis on unemployment laws

As mentioned earlier, unemployment laws hold only very few scrutiny since that there has only been a number of studies that have been conducted in aide of bringing up the best forms of ruling that will inhibit the importance of such in a state.  More specifically, the challenges that are bound in unemployment laws are rarely deliberated by administrations for the reason that most hardships in managerial activities appear during the verge of employment compared to that on pre-employment matters.

Basically, the laws that appear to be most challenging are those that extend or restrict the rights of labor in and around the workplace and those regulations that abide on the level of contract involved (Mezias, 2002). Unemployment compensation is apparently the main issue in laborers that fall inside the aforementioned bracket.  In essence, it relates to wages and hours standards, union rights, collective bargaining, health and safety, prevailing wages and discrimination. All these are perceivably retained to render security to these individuals and in the long run help them in building up a new foundation of their new course in life.

Challenges in labor management among the unemployed

Organizational behavior emphasizes the importance of labor-ness and the principal beneficiaries of the concerned laborer.  In stereotypical analysis on unemployment laws over the past few decades, it has been sought that the so-called “basic” benefits are already considered as a part of every contract and that the other unprecedented features that other firms offer—gradually dependent to the contract—are beyond the scope of the unemployment laws which are designed by the government alone.

The dilemma then flows on the application of these “extended benefits”—such as the social welfare security, union passages, beneficiaries, pensions and other related pro-labor regulations provided by the management concerned.  But that does not just end there, the possibility of shifts in party or breach in contracts also come at hand.

Trends that mark importance of “democracy” are also a part of this domain of “challengers,” needless to say that the result of these coalitions though union groups are still considered as polity members, however, the contract may be considered violated and therefore nullify the benefits (Mezias, 2002).

Court decisions on labor-related cases

Legal proceedings concerning labor lawsuit judgments are referenced in contemporary hearings.  In the case of foreign direct investments, foreign subsidiaries find face disadvantages and unparalleled liabilities among domestic firms due to information asymmetries and transaction costs.  The Equal Pay Act of 1963 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are examples of laws that build up the foundation of these rights of laborers and somehow seem to exert strong influence on employee to employer relations (Mezias, 2002).

Conclusions and further remarks

Human resource practices help organizations in achieving social justice among its participating parties and build a sturdy foundation of law-abiding citizens.  It helps in eradicating the rise of ambiguous laws and hones organizations to create a normative environment that will work in a systematic order and balance the biases of humanistic egoisms.


Biggert, R. (1997). Why Labor Wins, Why Labor Loses: A Test of Two Theories. The Sociological Quarterly, 38(1).

Mezias, J. M. (2002). Identifying Liabilities of Foreignness and Strategies to Minimize Their Effects: The Case of Labor Lawsuit Judgments in the United States. Strategic Management Journal, 23(3).

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