Human Relations

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  1. Human relations is the ongoing development of bringing the workers more into communication and contact with their organization in order to have an effective work environment. Human relations is aimed more for the people and for their treatment in the workplace. In order for human relations to be successful, the manager needs to not deviate from the organizational goals. Human relations however requires participation from both the manager and worker.
  2. Scientific managers knew very little about human relations. Scientific managers ere intelligent people who used their technical expertise to create an environment that achieved the greatest amount of productivity. Although this method of management was effective in terms of output, there was no humaneness with this process. Scientific managers viewed all workers as production beings rather than human beings.
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  4. Some of the principal findings of the Hawthorne studies was that the productivity of workers was not directly related to their physical surroundings, but in fact related to their human relations between one another. When the physical surroundings were changed in the workers work environment, both the control and test groups production increased. Physical changes were shown to not have been the reason for the production increase but rather the improved attitudes of the workers that increased output. These findings were very important as it shows that the human workplace was more of a social environment in which the workplace benefited with having social interaction for both the worker and employer.
  5. The traditional model is very different than the human resource model. The raditional model is more focused on the company rather than the people. The human resource model implements aspects that are appealing to both employer and employee. In the traditional model, work can be very disliked by most of the employees, managers must supervise their subordinates very closely, and people are expected to tolerate work of the pay is decent. In the Human resource model, work is enjoyed by the people as they feel that they are contributing their skills in order to reach a company goal. Managers can also create an environment which allows the orkers to use their full ability instead of having to dictate each task step by step as seen in the traditional model.
  6. Management of diversity is very important in human relations because it allows the the workplace to advance with its diversity and all potential is maximized and at the same time all disadvantages are minimized. The population of the world is always changing, there will be 129 million more people working in 2050 as there was in 1995. The expected ethnicity changes in the United States claim that there will be almost half the nation's workforce who will be of ethnic race.

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