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Human Development and Business

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Having an insight to what you truly believed is another way of driving oneself to attain his aspirations. Viewing ones goal as a force that will deliver enhancement of personality is a good connotation that one is on the right path. Ideals are compose that will absolutely give a resemblance to what was perceived. Indeed, having an intuitive personality would give me the truth of my sincerity in my chosen career. Taking up this MBA program will enlighten me to strive more and achieve more, in this way; I can share my knowledge to my fellow being and contribute to their learning.

Rationality is imperative as well as we scrutinize the essentiality of having a set of goals and achieving it. The capability of thinking which I possess meant something beyond drawing what career I want to take the lead on. I believed that the reasoning power is a great element in dealing with people most especially if you are in the business arena. Opinionated thoughts would mean a lot to the clients which you are bound to discuss things with. A continuous steer to what you dreamt of would actually give you the nerve to flourish consistently, thus thinking was a great way to start things out.

As I make myself aware towards the circumstance in my environment and recognize several instance in my realm would be a good factor in establishing rapport to the people, thus, this is a good connotation on how fluent I can build myself up with my clients which was very beneficial in my chosen career. As I became armoured with the programs of MBA, I know it will help my personality to be more aggressive and define my set of standards. As I perceived my goals, it would be easy for me to strengthen my career albeit with all its branches.

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The fame of achieving ones goal is more than the applause of the people and the admiration of your environment. It’s also beyond what others can imagine because attaining ones dreams and goals are basically the output of your hard work, “Personality is achieved. It is not given; it is not inherited, what a person inherits are certain traits and tendencies to act in certain ways but his personality is his own achievement. Being a person is a man’s birth-right, but the personality is man’s achievement” (Aguas, 2008). Self-worth and a reward are the essential elements to keep you going and do well in your chosen field.

In grasping MBA and as I took it as a primary objective in my path of career, I have the knowledge how important clear communication in business sincerely. It guides you to deal perfectly with your clients and business partners. “Business is an activity which involves people and personal relations, it is very important that the businessman has a sound knowledge on personality, its nature, its types, and its aspects” (Aguas, 2008). A good communication is tantamount to a well rounded personality which can easily adapt to diverse levels of the business grounds.

It can also boost your products efficiency as your clients grasp the essentiality of what you’re talking about. Good communication relations would technically results to a sound market field. As we battle with life, it is imperative for us to be tough to combat the challenges that we may encounter along the way. Equipped with the knowledge and skills, we must truly know how to defend what we chose to pursue. We must be decisive enough to prove that ones we dream, we can achieve it.


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