How Sports Affect Academics

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Narator: This Reflective Piece consists of three persons who are John, Rodney and Paul. Narrator: Week before Cape results are out John: So fellas, cape results coming out? Feel allyuh do good? Rodney: I hope so, I put in enough time and study because I was behind and I wanted to prove that I could do what nobody expected of me and excel. Paul: Hahaha, Rodney why you studied? You are still going to fail? Rodney: No, I stopped basketball to study and I made some good sacrifices. Paul: Stopped basketball? Make me stop football na?

I’m going to do excellent in Cape and get a scholarship just for football. John: Well like you, Paul, I continue to play cricket but I was also focusing on my studies and putting in meh extra work. I balanced my academics with my extra-curricular activities. Rodney: Well, we will see which one of the three techniques worked the best. John: Yes we will see, but I pray to God I succeed. Paul: Ok den, we will see how good I’ve done. Narrator: Walking in school to collect their results John: Ok fellas, now today is the big day.

Rodney: Yes it is, we will find out what our future is and what our next step in life is. Paul: Who wanna pray? Rodney: Pray na Paul. Paul: Please Lord, let us get the required grades needed to further our education in what we will like to do and be proud in Jesus name, Amen! Rodney: When you serious, you serious boy Paul but why you couldn’t be serious like that for your school work as you were for football or for this prayer? Paul: I was! Allyuh was just getting fooled. John: Let us just go quickly and get our grades please!

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Narrator: After receiving the Cape Results Rodney: Yesss! Da wa we talkin bout! John: Dun kno, I do rel good dan. Paul: Hmmm, I did ok, could have done better. Rodney: John and Paul how allyuh do? John: I did great, I got four distinctions and there’s even a bigger surprise. Guess? Paul: Wa is da boy? John: Ok, I also geh an open science schol. Rodney: Weyzz, you did beast, I geh four ones and got an additional mathematics schol. Narrator: A moment of silence grew upon the three friends John: Well, Paul wa you geh? Paul: Orr ok uhmm I got three fours and a five.

Five is a pass in Cape so at least I pass all my subjects. Narrator: John and Rodney laughed loudly Rodney: I thought you were going to get a scholarship because of football Paul? What causing that? Paul: Well honestly, I think it is because I did not rely focus a whole lot on my school work and did not manage my time the way I should have done. John: Although I did not quit or take a pause in my extra-curricular activity, I worked harder in pursuing my education and striving for excellence and cricket maybe one ah d reason why I geh an Open Schol too.

Rodney: I put my sport on a hold for a while until my Cape Exam pass because I was not one of the brightest students so I could not of balance both basketball and academics. In making my decision I studied hard and made quality sacrifices to geh my Maths Schol. Narrator: Making decisions in further education John: So what allyuh going to do to now? Paul: I think I going to S. A. M and settle down because I realize this life thing rel serious. I wa be an accountant. Rodney: I am going UWI and further my studies in maths. I am going to do a Major in Maths and a Minor in Actuarial Science.

I wa be an Actuarial Scientist. John: Well, I am going Harvard and further my studies in sciences, mostly Chemistry. I wa be a Chemist. Rodney: We set our life goals deh eno, so we making up we mind to achieve eh and doe slack off. We wuh stay in touch. John: Yes of course and I hope allyuh excel in allyuh education and Paul, focus this time because I know you could do it. Paul: First, I am praying I get into SAM, but if I do, I will take a different approach in my school work and be serious cuz I wa my life run smoothly after and be proud of myself.

John: Yea, later deh. I gone. Rodney: Yea I bussin deh too. Paul: Word, we wuh catch up in d long run. Narrator: The three persons excelled at their different goals and be what they wanted to be. One can surely realize that sports has a good and a bad effect on education but it is in yourself to take it serious and prove you can do it in whatever aspect of sports you are doing and career. In concluding this piece I think one should always “Strive for Excellence”.

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