How Sir Dundlod Is Bringing A 100 Years Old Sport Into Mainstream

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India is the biggest bicycle polo playing country in the world. Some of you must be hearing about this sport for the first time but the game of cycle polo found its roots in India in early 1900’s.This game was originally so popular that it featured in the 1908 Olympics.

Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod, President, Cycle Polo Federation of India comes from the noble family of Dundlod, who are descendants of Rao Shekha. Associated with Cycle Polo Federation of India (CPFI) since 1966, Dundlod conducts state and national level cycle polo championships. Along with his partner Francesca Kelly, he has created the Indigenous Horse Society of India. Moreover, he was also the part of the Indian team that won the gold in the first World Cycle Polo Championship held in 1996 in Richmond, USA.

How it gained fame?

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On asking Sir Dundlod about the game becoming famous, he recalls, Britishers when came to India they began playing polo on horse. But the extreme weather condition did not allow them to play the game on the horses. Finding the alternative to it, Britishers started playing polo on bicycles and from here a birth of new sport took place.

Cycle Polo: bringing bicycle back to limelight

Sir Dundlod is bringing bicycle back into the limelight by playing Polo on bicycle. According to him, in Horse polo it is a horse that plays the game but in cycle polo it is the player that plays the game. Both have the same rules it just the mode of playing changes. With the increasing number of players every year, Sir Dundlod is hoping to organize Medal Championship in India. If all goes well then the championship will be held in November.

At the Franchise India 2016 show, he spoke about the importance of brand licensing and how it can benefit an entrepreneur.

Let us take a look on four things we learned from Sir Dundlod on why brand licensing is the best way for budding entrepreneurs to promote their product.

1. Media Exposure: Brand Licensing gives you an opportunity of media exposure. Licensing will allow your brand to engage with customers. It also promotes your business in the market. “With the help of brand licensing we will bring Cycle polo to that level where we will not be very far from Olympics,” said Sir Dundlod.

2. Attracts the masses:  “The best example to justify the role of brand licensing is U.S Polo Assn. (USPA). A lot of people wear Polo t-shirts but I am sure that half of them don’t know the meaning of number on their t-shirt. Licensing will bring this sport to masses and we will be able to make a bigger mark in the international market,” said Sir Dundlod.

3. Brand Recognition: Licensing allows more and more people to know about your brand resulting in a greater amount of credibility and recognition. As per Sir Dundlod, there are 15 countries playing this game but branding for cycle polo hasn’t happened in other countries. Through brand licensing, they will find people who will promote their sport and will be used as brand ambassadors.

4. International spotlight: Through licensing, one can move its brand to new countries by offering a higher margin. It continues to be a powerful option for speeding up growth and extending the value of brands. “In India people still don’t understand what actually brand is licensing is. To us it was a surprise also. When we saw the presentation we realized that this is the opportunity for not only any sport but also for budding entrepreneur to promote their product on national and international level,” opined Sir Dundlod.

There are 15 countries playing this game but brand licensing for cycle polo hasn’t happened in other countries yet.

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