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Home Schooling vs Public Education Ann Brickler COM/155 University Compostion and Communication I March 10, 2013 Stephanie Cook Home Schooling vs Public Education The debate continues and often will turn into heated arguments between the two opposing sides. The side of the fence that you choose is ultimately your decision on what type of education your child receives. Homeschooling may have many benefits, a public school education may provide a better learning environment for a student to learn and succeed.

There are so many forms of education that a person may receive today with two of the forms as home schooling and public education. There are some benefits to the individual of home schooling, such as being able to learn on your own time and having one-on-one instruction. Child safety is a pro for the parent as they are not having to worry about bullying in school and not having their child exposed to drugs or alcohol by their peers. There are also pros and cons of public education with the pros being the child is receiving an education from a professionally trained teacher.

They are better prepared in everyday teachings that the child will receive. The curriculum is outlined for the year on what the child will be taught and what is expected to be taught to the child by way of a school board developing the curriculum. Children are also learning on how to socialize with other children and realizing on how diverse a world we have. The cons of home schooling outweigh what some people believe as a benefit. One being that the parent is not a professional teacher such as English or music class. The parent does not have the technique in giving their child a quality and prolific education.

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Another con is the student is not being exposed to a diverse environment. The child is not able to grow with their peers and associate themselves with reality and what is out there on the streets that children have to deal with when they are in a public school setting. Child safety can be a con in public education with what has recently been happening with the shootings in schools and bullying by other children. You should not shelter a child because of the cons as this is something that can be dealt with while growing up. Children learn how to deal with issues such as these and grow more because of them.

Another con is the standardized testing that children are expected each year to take at the beginning of each school year. This test gives the school board a better concept on where each child is in their learning grade. It also is one factor on whether a child will move ahead in their grade level in the fifth and eighth grade. Children are tested and quizzed weekly in their classes and that determination in itself will give each teacher a concept on what the child is retaining and whether they should move along in each grade level. Socialization for home schooled children as an individual or a group can be a challenge for them.

Public schooled children have a better advantage to them when they are put in a group together to socialize amongst themselves relating to a topic they may be learning about in their class or to do a project together. They are able to gather ideas and listen to other ideas which enable more learning for them. When you are home schooled the only type of socialization in a group you are going to have is with either your sibling or with your parent. That can be a good thing only if that child is a type of introvert and has a difficult time relating to others in a traditional school setting.

There are homeschool groups that you can join with your child to meet other parents and children, but there may not be many of these groups out there for you to select from as there are children whom are more likely to receive a public education. Another advantage the child in a public school has is being able to play in sports that are offered. The home schooled child does not have that offered to them. A child who is home schooled can request to join a sports team in their school district but that does not always work for them. The district can say no to them joining a school sport.

A public school child can join a school sport at any time it is offered; however, they are expected to maintain a grade point average of a C. If they do not, they are suspended from the team if they are involved or denied completely from trying out for the team. Public school provides a more diverse and social experience in contrast to homeschooling. Parents whom are homeschooling their children should be qualified to teach as a public schoolteacher. A public school education can be much more fulfilling and gives children the tools they need to succeed.

Socialization and interaction with other children is a benefit to any child to help them learn and grow with others in their age group. Home schooled children may not be susceptible to drugs and alcohol or school bullying but sometimes the risks outweigh these factors. There is no testing done by the district of the home schooled child and to know exactly where they are in their grade level. Standardized testing does aide the district for public school children but is essentially given at the beginning of a school year where it can be a misleading statistic on what the child in a public school does know by the end of the school year.

Whether you choose to send your child to a public school or teach them on your own, be sure that you have the proper tools to do this. Your child’s future depends on you and the education they receive. Overall, the knowledge the child gains and the scores they receive between the two, home schooling and public education has each of its own benefits and each of its own drawbacks. As long as the student’s needs are being met, regardless the choice you make for your children, whether it be home schooling or public education, either type of teaching will be the best choice because you made the choice.

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