Year-round Schooling Arguement Essay

Well If your previous answer was yes, I have you know that you shouldn’t. Imagine a whole year of finally succeeding in your honors classes, receiving all Ass and obtaining lots of new information. So as a reward your mother allows you to stay with your grandparents in Puerco Rice for the entire summer. You practically have the time of your life not even laying hands on a single book.

When you arrive back and you attend your first day of school, you are shocked to see that you’ve practically forgotten all of the information of the past year. Now, you must waste your precious class time and time outside of school to regain all of that Information. Year-round schooling should be Implemented across the U. S. In order to improve retention. Reasons that it should be implemented is because programs that help increase retention over the summer are not accessible to everyone and even with good amounts of sleep, students do not perform any better on standardized tests.

Some might say that summer schools/tutoring programs to keep students Involved in learning In the summer are available to everyone, but that Is false. In reality, summer programs are accessible to those of higher income and not those of lower income because of this though students of lower income forget what they’ve learned over the course of the year. Summer vacation is causing those students to spend too much time outside of educational environment and because of that, their retention decreases.

So, undeniably, year- mound schooling could stop summer break from sullying students’ education. It is said that even with sufficient sleep, only half of students tested with year-round schooling made Adequate Yearly Progress. The real truth is that with smaller breaks in the year students got sufficient sleep which enhanced their memory. In addition to memory, sleep improves focus, stamina, and attention span. With year-round schooling students became more perennial with their work and were less likely inclined to cause a brouhaha class.

It is ultimately up to the students’ and staffs’ illnesses whether or not to excel in school with year-round schooling, Just like regular school. It Is of common belief that students’ performance In school Is solely based on their Intelligence and focus. However, society Is endlessly suggesting excuses in attempt to justify the factors counting against students’ success in school. Factors such as how qualified a teacher is, teaching methods, the type of environment, or the amount of discipline in class can count against students’ school excellence.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless and the main hindrance to successful student education Is summer vacation. Mitchell Feldman, a writer had Douglas high school In Parkland, Florida, states research that “According to the university of Missouri and Tennessee State university, student achievement test scores decline over summer vacation and summer loss equals about one month on a grade level equivalent scale. ” He states that “If vacations were shortened, retention would increase. This Just proves only how detrimental summer vacation is, and how beneficial year-round schooling Is.

Year-round schooling should be Implemented across the U. S. In order to Improve retention. Also because programs even with good amounts of sleep, students do not perform any better on standardized tests, and because summer break is a main factor in the academic failure of students. This academic failure will continue to worsen if year-round schooling isn’t implemented. The question lies whether we should resume deteriorating the future of our schools, or make a change. So I ask you, does summer vacation seem all that worth it to you now?

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Year-round Schooling Arguement Essay
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