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Commercial analysis: Heaven can wait belt up This report will discuss the issue commercial how to convey the idea to consumer. Introduction Here is a car charity commercial advertisement without any world and talk through. Only utility the background music, shocking animation and a woman sang. It brought us the shocking and stunning. At last, the image fade out, then show the slogan “heaven can wait belt up”. As the following we will talk about the commercial advertisement. Here is one of places in the world, and everything is just like normal. For a while, the clash burst out, and tree is shaking.

Furthermore, we saw a car bump into a tree strongly. There are three persons on the car. All of them are unconscious. Few seconds later, their soul was department from their own body. The three people, only one of them belt, and others doesn’t. Because of the driver didn’t belt, their souls went up to heaven, so as the backside passage. But the front passenger had belt, his soul was struggle for the belt. But the belt restricted him to get rid of. At last, the belt rescues the front passenger. After that, the screen show the slogan, ”HEAVEN CAN WAIT BELT UP” and fade out.

This charity alarm us should seat belt when we drive, no matter you are driver or passenger. Belt can keep u safe, even heaven can wait belt up. Next, we will discuss the characteristic, animation and music. Characteristic There are only three persons in the video, the driver, front passenger, and back passenger. Besides, here are car, tree, soul and music. The animation of soul showed us a strongly visual effect. Moreover, with the music, we can feel from peace to shock. In the whole advertising, there is without any words in the video. Music All of the advertisement without any word and talk through.

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There are only the music and the image in the advertisement. But it strongly remained us we should belt when we drive no matter we are driver or passenger. So the music here is important and indispensable, and we will discuss about the transition of the music. There are three sounds of the different types. First is peace situation with the sound of bird and nature. Then when the clash occurred, the condition was changing. At last is the song which woman song amazing music. At beginning, the surround is bird’s song and the nature’s voice. It means everything is peace and we don’t need to worry about anything.

When clash burst out, everything changed. Soul of life wants to leave their body, and the women’s voice stand for life will go to heaven. Just like god summon and they must to leave. But when the women’s voice disappeared, the soul of that front passenger back with wheeze and heavy breathing, seems the life returned. Then the nature’s voice returned, and everything is back to the normal peace. In the west-country, when we die we believe we will go to heaven and get rid of the guilty, and the song with the women’s voice stand for the meaning of go to heaven. The sound from beginning to the end was a continuous situation.

We can image the situation with the music and the animation. It shocked us the feel of visual and sound. Without any word, but tell us the safety method to drive. Animation The soul spilt from the body, they struggle but only one back to their own body. The soul means our life is weak and we need to protect by the belt. Youth are often hasty and without thinking. So the soul is just like our original nature. But the belt protect the soul get away from the passenger, so it is simply to tell us we should belt up and then we can drive. Customer analysis We will discuss that by sender and receiver’s viewpoint. Sender

Here is a car commercial charity advertising which is sponsored by Axion. It is a bank company always support youth’s activities from Belgium and their focus market is youth group. So the advertisement is also made to the youth who should belt up when they drive. There are two different meanings in that advertisement. One of that reminded drives or passenger who should belt up, keep your life safe. And another one is keeping your money in a safe bank account. So youth can notice that car accident without belt is closed to youth’s life. For youth, they are potential group for bank. There are some reasons we can talk about.

First of all, youth are going to step into the employ market sooner, and most of them don’t know how to deal with their dollar. The second is youth don’t have enough knowledge for finance, such as we don’t know how to loan form bank and so on. Most important of all, we are too young to do the reasonable thing. Everything is fun, we must try. So the dangerous will happen when we think it’s cool. In short, if the bank can provide us a safe account to keep our dollar and we can utility money in proper method with less risk. So the other meaning is that ad is “choice our bank we will provide you a safe account and protect you from the crisis”.

Their niche market focus on the youth group, this group drive fast and doesn’t know how to evaluate the risk. When the disaster occurred, they can’t handle with that situation. So Axion can provide you a good solution to prevent the problem. If you go to our bank and apply our service, we will give you a safe insurance for your account. Furthermore, you also can have a loan in our bank. All in all, the sender gave us two messages. One is when you drive, you should belt up. And another one is our bank can give you a better choice. Receiver Axion is focus on the youth group, who can drive.

The economic situation is in the middle of class, and the range of age is around 16 to 35. If you have the right to drive, you are the receiver. Besides, education level can range from senior high to adult and gender is focus on male. At last, we will show the video to youth who can drive and their age are around 20 to 30 then get the feedback from them. The feel of people who see the advertisement We showed this video to youth, and ask them two questions in order to get the feedback of video. First, what’s your first impress about the video? And can you image the situation you drive in the future?

In the first question, the answer is interesting such as the belt’s effect is like magic, supplemental restraint system didn’t work, even one of them feel creepy, and the road is big but why they still can bump the tree. And the second is consistent. Because all of them said “we need to belt up”. Conclude To sum up, the video want to tell us, “HEAVEAN CAN WAIT BELT UP”. When we drive, we need to belt and that can keep us safe. It’s important for us to belt when we drive. And the other point is if youth want to choose a bank, you can find Axion’s bank.

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