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What are some of the barriers and limitations to the transition from one level of care to another? Successful transition of patients from one care level to another is normal and of great importance. Patients who receive good aftercare after inpatient treatment come out much stronger and with low rates of readmission. However in many cases this is not the case hence posing the patients to health risk.

Some of the barriers and limits to these transitions include financial constrains, low levels of knowledge and lack of adequate advice to the patients by the health professionals.

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Ignorance on the side of the people or the professionals also plays a big role. Education and creation of awareness to the general public on the importance of this transition is paramount in that it reduces the risks involved at the various levels (Holloway, 2008). Lack of a clear policy on ways to improve care such as transition care support and voluntary sharing of information on the issue is big obstacle to successful care transition. For elderly, care transitions can usually lead to medication related complications and significantly reduced life p or quality.

These calls for devoted efforts by the relevant parties to develop and put in place the necessary tools and initiatives to ensure improved transition. It should be noted that the impact of human error in medicine is unclear since the risk in the health care are based on the disease itself, the desired medicine and the way of medication (Holloway, 2008). This means that transition with medication to be administered without clear guideline may create a bigger problem. The transition problems call for well structured aftercare sessions to refer patients to.

Since the human health is always at risk, it is important to ensure that patients actively engage in any prescribed treatment. This include making sure they are entered into the right level of treatment and equipped with the necessary information useful during treatment to ensure motivation and hence avoid relapse. Successful transition to care is the first step towards good health and should always be emphasized. Reference Holloway, D. , (2008). Transitions from one Level of Care to Another. Retrieved on 30th July 2009 from, http://cnx. org/content/m12716/latest/

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