Harley Davidson Case Study Critique Essay

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Harley Davidson Case Study Analysis Guidelines 1. Your analysis should be based on the question of “What is Harley Davidson doing today to deliver high levels of customer value? ’ The analysis should be related to the organization’s marketing strategy 2. Based on the company’s marketing strategy, how has Harley Davidson managed value through its product, pricing, promotion, placement, and people (five P’s) policies/strategies? The analysis should be framed, as with our previous case studies, using the customer value concept within the value profit chain model.

Please use the case document only as a guide. To earn an A grade on the analysis, you must utilize external information to bring the case study up to date. That is, what the organization is doing today to deliver value. Such external information can be found in business journals, books, and in a variety of Internet information sources. The written case provides only a foundation for your analysis.

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  1. While previous case studies were framed in the contexts of what the companies did wrong, the Harley Davidson case should be considered in the context of what the company is doing right.
  2. What is Harley Davidson’s current value proposition in the motorcycle market place?
  3. Please include in your analysis a section on how Harley Davidson has positioned itself in the market relative to competitors.
  4. The final section in your analysis should be a description of marketing lessons learned from Harley Davidson analysis.

That is, what would you suggest to other business organizations based on lessons from Harley Davidson 9. Your final analysis document should be 8-10 pages, double spaced with one-inch margins, and contain appropriate headings and subheadings that form an outline of the analysis along with citations for external information used in your analysis. Your analysis should include a table of contents with page numbers. Additionally, you must use proper citations for external information used in your analysis and external reference should be in a reference list.

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