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Guy Gode: Rereading America

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What is the Guy Code? According to Kimmel, the Guy Code is the collection of attitudes, values, and traits that together composes what is means to be a man. Pretty much, the Guy Code means that you never show your feelings, be strong, and never give up. All in all, don’t be a sissy. You should never show emotions or admit to weakness. To the world, you must show that there’s nothing to be concerned about and that everything is going to be fine. In my opinion, I would have to say that this is also my understanding of what is means to be a man.

I think of them as not letting anyone step all over them and that they think they’re always in control. They try to always win; especially when they’re competing with they’re friends. An encounter that I have observed and experienced that involve the “gender police” is in Junior High gym class. Guys would always criticize and judge other guys if they screwed up on anything while playing a game. It always happened to be the more “popular” guys in my grade who would constantly watch the “non-popular” guys just to watch them mess up.

They would do this just so they can sit there and call them a bunch of names for example: wimp, dork, faggot, weak, etc. I always felt bad for them because I knew that it would affect them in the long run. This incident has had a lasting effect on me. I always feel bad for the guys who go out for sports who aren’t really good but go out anywase because the guys who are really good will just keep putting them down and calling them names. This makes guys more prone to depression, suicidal behavior.

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