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Growth Sector

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The Cadbury Farm is in growth. This is because so many factories depend on them. They have been supplying them since 1908 and every since have been making there country better by making wells for safe water for them to drink. The Provide Cocoa beans to the Factories that they make Chocolate out of for the public to enjoy the delicious Cadbury Luxury Chocolate. The Cadbury Farm also provides the Factories with milk. However there are various farms like these that provide the milk to the factories in different countries. This is so that the milk stays fresh and does not go of if it is being transported.

The Cadbury Farm will continue to provide for the public and gain profit till the Cadbury Factory Decides to close down. Which means by then the Cadbury Farm will continue to remain in the Growth Sector. Secondary - Cadbury Factory Cadbury factories are currently in growth. They are not in decline because many people go to buy there chocolates which they make a high profit from. There are all different types of chocolate types they make such as; Whole Nut, Fruit and Nut, Caramel, Crunchy, ETC. They also make mini chocolate boxes that have a selection of all different types of Cadbury chocolate. They offer a wide range of chocolates to the public to suit there taste. They then sell it to companies such as; Supermarkets - Morrison's, WH Smith ETC to sell there goods which the Cadbury Factory earns money from as they have given people to sell there chocolate.

The Cadbury Factory also tries out new flavors and kinds of chocolate to make there public try it out. This is how they earn more money as the more they sell is the more they will gain. Tertiary - Tesco The Tesco companies are currently in growth as many people go to shop there they have a high amount of money that they make. Many people depend on Tesco to go shop there which is why they have so much profit. They provide a wide range of goods to the public which helps them gain profit.

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They sell multi cultural goods towards they public which helps them attract more people to there supermarket. They believe meeting people's needs is highly important and they need to be able to make them happy for them to come back again to shop for more goods. Tesco also gets he latest products into the store so the public is not let down and they are able to receive what they were looking for. This could be anything from Crayons to Cheddar Cheese.

Tertiary - Asda Asda is in the growth sector. This is because it offers a wide range of good to the public and gains profit. It offers more than Tesco and is more likely to meet people's needs. It is the most successful supermarket in the world today. It has many branches that all sell the same goods. It can meet people's needs in multi-cultural areas. Many people across the world depend on Asda to have what they need and they are able to meet there needs no matter what.

Stetting the Scene - Report The two businesses I will be comparing to each other are going to be; the Cadbury farm which is in the Primary Sector and the other will be Tesco which is in the Tertiary Sector. The reasons why I will be comparing these two companies are because they have a lot of differences. The Cadbury farm can only supply the public with raw materials such as; fruits and vegetables. It is situated in Ghana - West Africa. The Cadbury farms main customer that they supply is the Cadbury Factories, which is mostly cocoa beans and milk which enables them to make chocolate.

The farm has 100 -150 people working for them. You would normally expect the farm to have fewer people working for them however in this case there are many because they need to supply so many factories. They need more workers to get the work done and the farm has to supply the factories daily which is too much for a normal farm where only 7 people say would work. The farm on its own is in growth as it sells many raw materials to the factories and gains money form it. The Cadbury factories also build wells fore Ghana as a way to say thank you. As in Ghana they have water problems and there isn't much clean water there.

Tesco is an international company and is much different form the farm. It supplies the public however in a shop and you pay directly to the till point. There is a wide range of goods sold in Tesco and it also sells organic foods that the farm would sell. The main reason of having a supermarket like Tesco is so that people are able to visit and buy different types of goods off the shelves. The main purpose of having this is so that people are able to buy the things they need all from one store and not go to others to buy different types as it would be much harder if everything was separate. It also supplies different ethic foods depending on the area that they are situated in.

Tesco is also in the Growth sector and it is still growing, this is because many people to there to buy there goods that they will never run out of money. Tesco is an international company that is situated in many parts of the world allowing other people to shop at there store. This is making them much more popular in name and attracting more other people to buy goods from them. Tesco also has 205+ people working for them which means it is a large company. More jobs are invented everyday to make life easier at Tesco therefore it is still growing due to this situation.

However they both do have some similarities such as; they are both in growth and still growing and they provide the public with goods. Another similarity Is that Tesco is a Public Limited Company and the Cadbury Farm is also one. This means that they are the largest type of business and they don't close down until they have no money left to keep the company going as it is stably.

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