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Comic Books Create A Divide

The post-revolution period in Mexico was an era of change for the Mexican people. Mexican society saw several changes that were the product of government reforms and growing society. The biggest change overall was that Mexican society began to transition from traditional ideals to a …

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One of The Miracles That Teresa Encountered

Saint Therese was born the youngest out of nine in her family. Her feast day is October 1st in Lisieux, France. Saint Therese’s mother died of breast cancer when she was just 4 years of age and breast cancer also take her sister who was …

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The Ability to Abandon Reason To Preserve Tradition And The Fear of Standing Out

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson demonstrates mob mentality, the ability to abandon reason to upkeep tradition, and the fear of standing out. The Lottery, at its most basic form, is fair to all concerned, as the family who chooses the black dot is random. Extenuating …

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The Meaning of the Calavera in Hispanic Culture

I initially researched online about the cultural significance of the calavera and the different ways of decorating it. I referred to Wikipedia as a starting point for my research. I browsed around to get some ideas of how I could do the Calavera and was …

CultureDay of The DeadTradition
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Comparison of Religions Considering Fundamental Beliefs and Rituals

It is of great importance when comparing religions to take careful consideration of fundamental beliefs and rituals each religion engages in. this gives and aids in understanding each religion more clearly. A comparison enables analysis of disparity among different aspects of a religion as it …

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Gambling: Addicted to Stoning

“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, was written in 1948 back when the time was at recovery from World War II. Gambling has always been a problem in the United States, because of the casinos and the scratchers, but in this case, death by gambling is …

AddictionGamblingThe LotteryTradition
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The Curious and Reflective Thoughts of Gretna During the Funeral

The piano begins to play as family and friends of the dad stand to face the aisle where his casket is being carried. Along with the people standing is the lone woman in the back of the church. The pallbearers of the father are his …

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How Things Make People

I chose to discuss the reading by Trevor-Roper, ‘The Invention of Tradition: The Highland Tradition of Scotland.’ In this reading, the objects that reinforce ideas about social structure or social roles pertain primarily to items of clothing, such as kilts, breeches and shoes. In the …

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A Significant Role in The Emergence of Moral And Religious Differences

As the world became more connected, people become more distant from each other. People who come from rural areas with limited access to modern-day technology are more connected and have similar ideologies than those who come from western cultures. In today’s western society, people are …

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Pastor As A Moral Theologian 

In her book Education, Ellen White wrote that what the world really wants and desperately needs are people “who in their inmost souls are true and honest”, people “whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole,” and people “who will …

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The Need to Find A Compromise Between The Individual And Society in Life

In Stanley Tucci’s Big Night, food plays a crucial role in the film’s plot. Between the two brothers, Primo believes that “food is being close to God”. The other brother Secondo believes that food stands for the necessity to find a compromise in life between …

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The Never Changing Heritage

Society is always changing due to time. Although in some peculiar circumstances, there are towns between towns that collate themselves in heritage. Themes of cities are even based upon history which correlates back to the start of civilization today. For example, Tyler Texas’s theme is …

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