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A Comparison between Disney Movie Pocahontas

the Disney movie called Pocahontas and the History of Virginia, a narrative by John Smith, very different from each other. They are still based off of a similar place and time in history, which causes them to have certain similarities. The most easily recognized similarity …

Movie ComparisonPocahontasWalt Disney
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Pocahontas, Powhatan, Opechancanough

Introduction: Take that part of the history, when the first interactions between the native Indians and the British settlers. Mostly, it began with the initial hesitation, mutual distrust, pitched battles ensued, lots of bloodshed resulted with loss of human lives on either side, the true …

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Discussion and Critique of Disney’s Pocahontas

Stereotypes are simply assumptions and generalizations that people make concerning a particular group. In most cases, these generalizations are often negative and are used to discredit and demean the target group. In the United States of America they have been in use since colonial times …

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Societies of Chesapeake Bay and New England Colonies

Societies of Chesapeake Bay and New England Colonies Many settlers who came to the New World from Britain in the early seventeenth century sought to establish a settlement for motives including economic and religious freedom in areas such as Chesapeake Bay colonies that comprised of …

AgricultureColoniesEnglandNew EnglandPocahontasSociety
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Pocahontas – Cultural Anthropology

Writing Assignment #1: The Cultural Construction of the Idea of Progress Film chosen: Pocahontas One of Walt Disney’s most famous films, Pocahontas, takes place in the 1600s, as the British discover parts of the “New World” that are inhabited by native Americans. In this film, …

AnthropologyCultural AnthropologyPocahontas
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John Smith’s Letter to the Queen

John Smith’s 1616 Letter to Queen Anne of Great Britain: Most admired Queen, The love I bear my God, my King and country, hath so oft emboldened me in the worst of extreme dangers, that now honesty doth constrain me to presume thus far beyond …

John SmithPocahontas
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John Smith and William Bradford

John Smith and William Bradford were both great early explorers. Smith and Bradford had both many similarities and differences when it came to such topics as Leadership, Interaction with Native Americans, and Success in Arrival. John Smith was an explorer from the Virginia Company. He …

John SmithPocahontas
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Early History of America: What Factors Allowed Jamestown To survive it’s First Fifteen Years

In XVI and early XVII century many of the European nations tried to establish their colonies in that part of the New World, which is now known as North America. English attempts appeared to be most successful when Virginia Company received a relevant consent from …

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Native American Tribes in Virginia and Powhatan the Powhatan

The Powhatan (also spelled Powatan and Powhaten), is the name of a Virginia Indian tribe. It is also the name of a powerful group of tribes which they dominated. It is estimated that there were about 14,000-21,000 of these native Powhatan people in eastern Virginia when …

PocahontasSlaveryUnited States
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The Rise of the Animated Heroine

Abstract This dissertation ‘s main line of research delves into plight of the heroine who is more often sidelined for maleprotagonists in traditional myth and story telling. It compares her journey within selected narratives, from mythic tales and symbols, inherent in everyone’s unconscious memory to …

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American History Research Paper

Barbados Barbados is an important part of American history since it was an area where many sugar cane plantations where located. We all know that way back in the 17th century, large plantations like these were required a lot of workers. The manual labor came …

American HistoryChristianityIroquoisPocahontasSlavery
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Pocahontas’ Role in John Smith’s Recordings Questioned

There are too many parts In his recordings that do not make sense that lead me to my decision. The accounts of Pocahontas are a major factor that many say make Smiths works not credible. When John Smith was kidnapped by the King of the …

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The Magna Carta

1. Magna Carta [1215] (52): The Magna Carta was an agreement that insured protection of noble (feudal) liberties from usurpation by the King. The Magna Carta influenced the development of common law (legal precedent), as well as constitutional principles (as seen in the United States …

Atlantic Slave TradeFrench and Indian WarPocahontas
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Pocahontas was a Native American woman, belonging to the Powhatan people, notable for her association with the colonial settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. She was the daughter of Powhatan, the paramount chief of a network of tributary tribes in the Tsenacommacah, encompassing the Tidewater region of Virginia.

Werowocomoco, VA


March 1617, Gravesend, United Kingdom


John Rolfe (m. 1614–1617), Kocoum (m. 1610)


Thomas Rolfe

Full name



Buried: March 21, 1617, St George's Church , Gravesend, United Kingdom

Frequently asked questions

What is the message behind Pocahontas?
The message behind Pocahontas is that it is never too late to learn. Pocahontas was a young girl who was curious about the world around her. She met a man named John Smith and she was able to learn about the world beyond her own. Pocahontas was able to learn about other cultures and ways of life. The message behind Pocahontas is that it is never too late to learn about other cultures and ways of life.
What is the story of Pocahontas all about?
The story of Pocahontas is about a young Native American girl who saves the life of English explorer John Smith. Pocahontas was the daughter of Powhatan, the powerful chief of the Powhatan tribe in Virginia. In 1607, the English established the Jamestown colony in Virginia. John Smith was one of the English settlers.Pocahontas and John Smith met in 1607, when she was only 11 years old. Smith was captured by Pocahontas's father and was about to be executed. Pocahontas pleaded with her father to spare Smith's life. Powhatan agreed and released Smith.Pocahontas and John Smith became friends. Pocahontas helped the English settlers by giving them food and supplies. She also warned them about attacks from her father and other Native American tribes.In 1614, Pocahontas was kidnapped by the English and taken to England. She was held prisoner there for over a year. During that time, she converted to Christianity and changed her name to Rebecca.Pocahontas returned to Virginia in 1616. She married Englishman John Rolfe and they had a son. In 1617, they sailed to England so that Rolfe could sell his tobacco. Pocahontas was presented to the English court and was hailed as a hero.In 1618, Pocahontas became ill and died in England. Her body was shipped back to Virginia and she was buried at Jamestown.
Why is the story of Pocahontas important?
Pocahontas is an important figure in American history because she was one of the first Native Americans to establish friendly relations with the English settlers. She is also famous for her rescue of Captain John Smith, which helped to prevent a war between the two groups. Pocahontas's story is an important part of American history because it shows that it is possible for people of different cultures to live in peace and friendship.
What is Disney Pocahontas known for?
Disney Pocahontas is known for being one of the first Disney Princesses of color. She is also known for being based on a real historical figure, Pocahontas, who was Native American. Pocahontas was born into the Powhatan tribe in Virginia and was married to the tribe's chief, Powhatan. In 1607, the English explorer John Smith arrived in Virginia and Pocahontas helped him to negotiate peace between the English and the Powhatan tribe. Pocahontas later married John Rolfe and the couple traveled to England. In 1617, they returned to Virginia, but Pocahontas became ill and died soon after.

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