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The Pianist Essay

‘The Pianist’ is a cinematic masterpiece by the Polish director Roman Polanski. One of the key ideas that appear throughout much of the film is that of ‘hope being instrumental in our survival’. This idea is portrayed through Wladyslaw Szpilman, a Polish pianist, as he …

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What is the message of the pianist?
The Pianist provides a powerful testimony to human endurance even in the face to death. It goes against many stereotypes. A story told without the slightest hint that revenge is possible, it cuts through all of them. Roman Polanski, a Polish-Jewish father, was born in Paris on March 23, 1933.
Why is the pianist so good?
Szpilman’s struggle against oppression in a visceral, detailed way, but it is the redemptive potential of music and the great benefit of human civilization embedded within this dedicated individual that makes this film transcendent. He's not just a survivor.
What happened in the pianist?
Roman Polanski’s “The Pianist” is the story and life of a Polish Jew. He was a classical musician and survived the Holocaust by stoicism. ... The movie then tells the remarkable story of Szpilman who, with the assistance of the Polish resistance, managed to hide in Warsaw during the war.
Is the pianist a slow movie?
The story is just as incredible as its director. Despite Polanski’s impressive credentials, this is a slow-paced monotonous experience, devoid of drama tension and emotional contours.

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