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Responsibilities of Health and Social Care Workers

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P7- Describe the roles, responsibilities and career pathways of 3 health or social car workers. Social worker: Social workers form relationships with people and assist them to live more successfully within their local communities by helping them find solutions to their problems. Social work involves engaging not only with clients themselves but their families and friends as well as working closely with other organisations including the police, local authority departments, schools and the probation service.

Social work can be a stressful career, you need to be well organised as there is a significant level of administrative work - and time management skills are crucial. A social worker is expected to assess, review and maintain records of specific cases, all within certain timeframes whilst achieving set standards of care and providing service users and their families with the help they need. The role and duties of a social worker are broad and varied, but generally they include the provision of guidance and support, with a main focus on allowing the service user to eventually support themselves as much as possible.

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A social worker has a specific role and must register with the Social Care Council in order to work as a social worker. Social workers also have to show that they have undertaken the required training and development. There are some tasks that only a registered social worker employed by a local authority may undertake. These include: •Undertaking child protection investigations. •Undertaking initial, core, foster and adoption assessments. •Developing and driving the Child Protection (or CIN) plan. •Initiating legal proceedings to apply for a range of orders including admitting children to the care system and placing them for adoption.

There are various routes to becoming a social worker, but you will need to gain a professional qualification in social work (usually at degree level) either on a full-time or part-time basis. This is offered at undergraduate and postgraduate master’s level. It is also possible to take a degree course combining social work with mental health or learning disability nursing. To become a social worker, you will need a social work degree. The degree course takes 3 years to complete in England, Wales and Northern Ireland - and 4 years in Scotland.

Before being accepted onto a social work degree course, you will need to demonstrate that you understand what social work is about and have had some kind of experience in social work or social care. Your previous experience could be paid work experience in a related field such as a carer or it could be voluntary experience within a care or social work setting. It will help you to assess your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as providing an understanding of just what sort of work is involved in a career as a social worker.

Demand for social work degree places is extremely high so the better your grades and the quality of your relevant experience, the more chance you will have of gaining a place. To get a place on a social work degree course in England you will need: A minimum of 5 GCSE's at grade A* to C - two of these MUST be English and Maths •You will also need a minimum of 2 A levels At some universities this requirement can be higher. You will need to check the requirements at the university of your choice.

Middlesex university, London: Admission to the MA Social Work degree at Middlesex University requires a higher second class honours degree or above (i. e. 2:1 or above). Ability to pass written and numeracy tests at GCSE grade C level (tested as part of the selection process). The university of Northampton: Applicants must have grade C GCSE mathematics and grade C English or equivalent. A typical offer would be 260-300 UCAS tariff points. National Salary Data National Salary Data Salary? 19,196 - ? 32,666 Bonus? 0. 00 - ? 3,013 Total Pay ? 19,166 - ? 37,005

The average salary for a Social Worker in the UK is ? 29,074 Midwife: Midwives often describe their job as 'privileged'. The role they have in preparing women for the delivery of new life makes them a vital presence during all stages of pregnancy, labour and the early postnatal period. The role is demanding and carries plenty of responsibility. More midwives now work in the community, providing services in women's homes, local clinics, children's centres and GP surgeries. There also plenty of opportunities for midwives to work on antenatal, labour and postnatal wards and neonatal units.

There are currently no national minimum academic entry requirements for entry into midwifery courses. As a consequence, each higher education institution (HEI) running courses sets its own criteria. All applicants must be able to demonstrate evidence of literacy and numeracy. For numeracy this includes evidence of ability to: Accurately manipulate numbers as applied to volume, weight, and length, (including, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, use of decimals, fractions, and percentages) to include using a calculator.

For literacy this includes evidence of ability to: Read and comprehend (in English or Welsh) and to communicate clearly and effectively in writing to include using a word processor. For entry onto a pre-registration degree programme in midwifery, you will need a minimum of five GCSEs at grade C or above (typically including English language or literature and a science subject), plus two A' levels or equivalent (although in practice, you are more likely to need three A' levels or equivalent). Universities require: (Birmingham city university) •GCE A/A2 level 00 UCAS tariff points from a maximum of three A/A2 level passes which must include one of Psychology, Sociology, Biology, Health and Social Care or Human Biology at Grade C or above. A typical offer would be ABC. •BTEC Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care Minimum Grade DDD required. •GCE AS/A1 level Two subjects accepted with two GCE A/A2 Levels which must include one of Psychology, Sociology, Biology, Health and Social Care or Human Biology at Grade C or above. Must achieve a minimum of 300 tariff points. •GCE/AVCE Double Award in Health and Social Care

GCE/AVCE Double Award with remaining UCAS tariff points from a maximum of one GCE A/A2 Level. The minimum starting salary for newly qualified midwives in the NHS is ? 21,176 at Band 5. Midwives usually progress to Band 6, which starts at ? 25,258, after a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 24. Subject to attainment within the NHS Career Framework salaries can rise to ? 34,189. The range of typical salaries at senior level, e. g. those managing a team, research or teaching activities, or with specialist knowledge is ? 30,460 - ? 40,157. Physiotherapist:

Physiotherapists help and treat people of all ages with physical problems causes by illness, accident and ageing. Physiotherapy is healthcare profession which sees human movement as central to the health and well-being of individuals. Physiotherapist help and treat people of all ages with physical problems caused by illness, accident or ageing. Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession which sees human movement as central to the health and well-being of individuals. Physiotherapists identify and maximise movement potential through health promotion, preventive healthcare, treatment and rehabilitation.

The core skills used by physiotherapists include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise. Physiotherapists also have an appreciation of psychological, cultural and social factors which influence their clients. Many physiotherapists work within hospitals. Here they are needed in virtually every department, from general out-patients to intensive care, where round-the-clock chest physiotherapy can be vital to keep unconscious patients breathing. The minimum entry requirements are the same for all degree courses, but due to completion for places, it means that conditional offer for places are set higher than minimum. ou’re required to have 5 GCSEs at grades A-C, which should include maths both English language and literature and a selection of science subjects, and 3 A-levels at grade A-C, which one them should be biological science. National Salary Data National Salary Data Salary? 18,358 - ? 40,716 Bonus? 0. 00 - ? 2,936 Total Pay ? 18,774 - ? 46,724 In 2008, the average salary for this job was ? 27,000. The average salary in 2009 was ? 25,257, The average salary in 2010 was ? 48,743 The average salary in 2011 was ? 28,506

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