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Team-Based First-Person Shooter With Harsh Consequences

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Global Offensive is a game that surpassed its former predecessor Counter-Strike: Source. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a team-based first-person shooter with punishing consequences, such as permanent death. The concept of the game revolves around two opposing teams, known as the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists, competing in game modes to complete objectives. These objectives vary from securing a location to planting or defusing a bomb and rescuing or guarding hostages. This is an extremely hardcore, skill-based first-person shooter, and it forces the player to think differently than other modern shooters, or else the player will not come back after death. In this evaluation, the criteria review the artistic aspect of the game, the gameplay, and extra factors such as the price of the game.

The artistic aspect of any game is important. Even in the face of genre evolution in games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive doesn’t care to adapt. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is so dedicated to Counter-Strike's aging ideals, despite market and trend changes that it brute-forces its way to success. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been steadily at the top of the Steam charts for most concurrent players. The graphics of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive isn’t the top of the line in the gaming community; however, that isn’t required when this game solely focuses on the competitive and physical aspect of killing players. On the other hand, modifying this game through the Steam Workshop is effortless. The Steam Workshop is a community-based hub that allows players to create mods and maps for the game in various amounts of ways. This is a great way for players to improve the artistic aspect of the game through their own creations.

The actual gameplay of the game is really exciting and hardcore. Consequently, killing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive feels extremely satisfying. There's a sickening sensation to killing someone and knowing that they won’t come back. In this competitive aspect, the gameplay requires players to communicate with teammates and be careful of their surroundings. If players aren't watching corners, providing covering fire, or using communication, they're more likely to take a headshot from a more experienced and patient player. As a player who has experienced this, it gives an adrenaline high that constantly makes the player want to become better. The difficulty of game is one of the hardest in the market. Growth is an important factor in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, especially if you're coming into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fresh or from a different first-person shooter.

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The player has to factor in the recoil, positioning, and movement to hit the enemy. It’s incredible because the sound and background noises are so important, especially when hearing footsteps. These are all the factors players have to consider when playing this game correctly. For around $15, this game offers you the full edition to play around in competitive or on community-made servers. Certain map redesigns can catch players off guard, but the changes are for the best. This game has an active administration that does constant patches to improve the game, moderate gameplay, and ban hackers. This game's main issue is the constant flow of hackers in public servers, due to this game only being $15. This creates a problematic issue for genuine players who want to improve. To combat this situation, Valve introduced a system known as “Overwatch”, which allows experienced players to watch gameplay and dictate whether a player is exploiting the system or not. This is one of the few great features that improve the game.

In conclusion, by viewing the criteria and going down the list. This game satisfies a player such as myself; however, major changes could be made to make this game better. Such as punishing toxicity and trolling. Those factors heavily bring down the gameplay and overall atmosphere of the game. The physical aspect of the game could be improved as well. Players can only play on a 64-tick server when it comes to competition. Tick rate is the rate, at which the server can 'see' things which change. It has been proven that servers with 128 tick generate better gameplay, which is something players don’t have. Overall, this game matches the criteria of teenagers who enjoy a good classic first-person shooter game that requires a decent amount of skill.

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