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In The First Person and Focused on The Idea of An Internal War With Falling In Love

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In this essay I shall compare George G. Byron’s She walks in beauty , a short poem of three stanzas written in the 19th century, with that of To Helen by Edgar Allan Poe. The second choice, in contrast, is a shorter poem, again with three stanzas, and both are not in free verse as they have hints of rhyme. Both authors were considered as leading figures of Romanticism and their poems give different accounts of the grace and reality of beauty, the major theme. The third poem, Ya pomnyu chudnoe mgnovenye… by Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, provides a dream like perspective on the process of suffering from love. This poem offers a powerful alternative voice whereas the final poem, Ne sud ochilsa gul… by Kamil Kharezmi, gives an unusual overview of the victims of love.

An of the four poems reveals that all of the authors depict love, the first two ,which are mentioned above, emphasizing the elegance of heroines, the others expressing how they feel after having fallen in love. ‘She walks in beauty, like the night' – the first line of Byron’s an 18 line poem of three equal stanzas (a kind of split mononet) seems to be that of a voice addressing another female. There is a quite mysteriousness about the opening lines, reflecting the female figure’s relationship to beauty is total by means of preposition ‘in’. Conversely, Poe's poem has a smaller number of lines - 14 (a kind of split sonnet), reflecting his young age, and the two opening lines ‘Helen the beauty is to me Like those Nicean barks of yore' tell us that Helen’s good looks reminds him of the boats (‘barks') of classical times, specifically those boats which set sail for victory.

It could hardly be more of a contrast, tending to give much emphasis on the outer beauty. You could say She walks in beauty has an inward philosophical approach to this individual’s beauty whereas. To Helen has metaphor to bring the outer beauty on to the first place. Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin’s poem of six 4 line stanzas, Ya pomnyu chudnoe mgnovenye… , looks somewhat well-structured beside Kamil Kharezmi's free verse announcement of a poem, Ne sud mochila gul… . Both are writte in the first person and focus on the idea of inner war with falling in love. The former has an interesting rhyme scheme of ababcb which grabs the reader’s attention. A change of word stems in order to make rhyme adds extra charm to the poem.

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For example, mgnoven'e-viden'e, ti-krasoti all appear in the first stanza. Ne sud ochilsa gul… on the other hand, couldn’t be more organized, and yet also has surreal tones. For instance, note the following opening two lines: Ne sud ochilsa gul, ulsa bahor gurbat aro, Mengaki bulmasa yoru diyor gurbat aro. All four poems though different in structure present powerful voices concerning the reality of affection. Byron’s has perhaps the ideal form – broken mononet which suggests deep approach to the beauty. The words he uses in the first stanza, in beauty, night, dark, bright reflect the harmony of inner and outer beauty. Poe deals with beauty too but in a most pragmatic way, by emphasizing the physical appearance. And finally, Pushkin and Kharezmi use the first person to express their feelings on love.

However, the latter overuses repetition to reinforce this idea but there are no rhymes, no obvious alliteration and no rhythm as such. It all seems to be a little bit hurried. In conclusion, all four poems have their own approach to the subject. However, among the poems the one that appeals to me is Byron’s She walks in beauty , the main idea of which the unity of spiritual and physical appearance. The reasons why I like this poem are its well-developed structure, main idea, voice, and tone.

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