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The Caucasus, Madagascar and Caribbean Islands: Biodiversity Hotspots

The Caucasus: The Caucasus hotspot, historically interpreted as the area of land between the Black and Caspian seas, covers a total area of 580,000 km. Located at a biological crossroads, species from Central and Northern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa mingles …

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Barbados – Country’s Geographical Notes

Barbados island nation in the Caribbean, is situated about 100 miles (160 kilometres) east of the Windward Islands. Roughly triangular in shape, it measures 21 miles from northwest to southeast and about 14 miles from east to west, with a total area of 166 square …

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Globalisation and the Economic Impact on Small Island States: Caribbean

This paper conducts an analysis of Small Island States of the Caribbean, the Economic effects of Globalisation and addresses both the macroeconomic and microeconomic issues. The paper will begin by defining globalization from a generic perspective and then focus more specifically on Caribbean. In addition, …

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Caribbean Music

Music of the Caribbean region differs from island to island. The Caribbean got its name from the term “Carib”, which is the name of an old Native American ethnic group. Today the region is divided into four different parts: Spanish, French, Dutch, and British Caribbean. …

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How Much Am I Worth: Sexual Tourism in the Caribbean

When considering the ideas of female sexuality as it pertains to tourism in the Caribbean, people tend to envision call-girls at upscale parties and prostitutes that sell their bodies to the highest bidder. However, when taking a deeper look, one can see beyond the surface …

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What Is Caribbean Studies and Why Is It Important to Study It

Caribbean studies is a very fascinating subject for anyone to study but in order for one to know what exactly Caribbean Studies entails, we must know what is the basis of its existence, the Caribbean. The Caribbean is a region consisting of the Caribbean Sea, …

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Amelioration and Emancipation Oct. 20, 2009

Amelioration The anti-slavery movement developed in the early 1800s was a formidable force in the quest to end slavery. The West India Committee, in a bid to head off attacks, agreed to proposals to improve the condition of the slaves. These proposals were called amelioration …

CaribbeanEssay ExamplesHinduismImmigrationIslamSlavery
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Chattel Slavery as a Institution

St. Vincent and the grenadines community college| The Caribbean: A history of Chattel Slavery and what it brought to the Caribbean| An Internal Assessment| | Okieve Graham| 12/1/2011| “By the 19th century the slave ship had brought much more than chattel slaves to the Caribbean. …

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Caribbean Business Environment

Firstly, here are some of the consequences of regional trade arrangements: Accumulation or growth effects. If closer integration improves the efficiency with which factors are combined it is also likely to induce rater investment. While this additional investment is taking place, countries may experience a …

BusinessBusiness EnvironmentCaribbean
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Caribbean Civilization

Lecture Lesson IV IV. Race, Nationalism, Independence, Dependence and Regionalism. The genesis of colonialism in the Caribbean and how it has taken root in the political, social and economic institutions. Race and Class and how they both cohere to shape the social, political and economic …

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Dependency Theory Analysis

What is Dependence Theory? Dependency theory is a theory of how developing and developed nations interact. It can be seen as an opposition theory to the popular free market theory of interaction. Dependency theory was first formulated in the 1950s, drawing on a Marxian analysis …

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Historical Process of Individuals

CARIBBEAN STUDIES TOPIC: THE IMPACT OF HISTORICAL PROCESSES REVIEW QUESTIONS: Describe TWO responses of Caribbean people’s oppression. (4 marks – 2005). (a) Explain briefly the significance of “adult suffrage”. (2 marks – 2006);  (b)Suggest TWO reasons why support for adult suffrage grew in Caribbean societies …

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Mexico, Central America and the caribbean

The book, Victors and Vanquished: Spanish and Nahua Views of the Conquest of Mexico, made use of extracts from an report taken by Bernal Diaz in 1632 regarding the victory of the Spaniards. The book also made use of the statements made by the native …

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The Caribbean People

Saladoid culture is a pre-columbian indigenous culture of Venezuela and the Caribbean that flourished from 500 BCE to 545 CE. [1] This culture is thought to have originated at the lower Orinoco River near the modern settlements of Saladero and Barrancas in Venezuela. Seafaring people …

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Caribbean Integration Movement

The integration movement in the Caribbean has been envisioned in days as far back as the West Indian Federation (the original CARICOM) where diverse Caribbean states joined with the intention of creating a political unit that would become independent from Britain as a single state, …

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A business report on Cuba

Cuba has suffered for long due to unsuitable macro economic principles that serve to discourage investors from investing in the country rather than encourage them.  Cuba has also suffered due to restriction of trade with the United States, because of political reasons.  This has adversely …

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Graded Assignment: Global Interactions Unite Test

Portuguese explorers and conquers. They brought them to the new world for farm labor. On the other hand England and France thought of the same ideas, bringing African slaves from Africa to work mostly on sugar plantations. In general Europeans couldn’t work on farms on …

CaribbeanEssay ExamplesSlaveryTrade
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St.Domingue Revolution

First Examination (Response #1) When the Europeans arrived in the Caribbean, they were looking to invade and inhabit the land. Little did they know,the islands were already occupied by other groups of people at the time. One of those groups were the Ciboneys, or the …

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Jamaican History (Basic) 5th Grade

jamaica was one a the largest sugar producing country inah the caribbean . Jamaica, the third largest Caribbean island, was inhabited by Arawak natives when it was first sighted by the second voyage of Christopher Columbus on 5 May 1494. Columbus himself was stranded on …

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History- Slave Trade

Describe the different colonial economies; and how that influenced their adoption of slavery (or lack thereof). The Chesapeake Bay and Carolina colonists pursued wealth and later realized the value of tobacco by the help of John Rolfe. They believed that gold, silver and a wide …

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Essay Summary of Caribbean Studies

Today, education programs at all levels face intense criticism, and physical education programs are no exception. In fact, as school budgets shrink and administrators cut “frills,” physical education may be one of the first programs to go. If we are to secure a place for …

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Summary of findings

Dear Mr. Manager: Below are some of the important discoveries I made concerning people that I and a couple of others in the company will be familiarizing myself with in the coming days. I believe that these details will minimize difficulties in communicating with Cuban …

CaribbeanCubaEssay Examples
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Swot analysis of Oil Industry in Caribbean (LACE) countries

Introduction The global phenomenon of population aging is having and will have, major impactions on all aspects of human life in every society. This process is irreversible and, enduring as observed from differing patterns and distinct paces in various regions and countries worldwide. The economies …

CaribbeanIndustriesSwot Analysis
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Amerindian before Columbus and the Physical Geography of the Caribbean

Much of America history is recorded from the time Columbus and his team of explores landed in the Caribbean region. (more…)

CaribbeanGeographyPhysical Activity
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How Will Climate Change Impact Caribbean Business Environmental Sciences Essay

The part is faced with many challenges, chances, menaces and hazards as a consequence of clime alteration ( United Nations Environment Programme, 2008 ) . Developing states must therefore address the impact of clime alteration of which they are highly vulnerable though they contribute less …

BusinessBusiness EnvironmentCaribbeanScience
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Industry Overview Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd

The company is a public company that has a government share and the company’s fiscal year ends on December each year, it is the worlds largest shipping company have large number of competitors the company is not facing too much troubles right now but have …

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The Demand for Slavery

“Keeping in mind Gregory O’Malley’s article, “Beyond the Middle Passage: Slave Migration from the Caribbean to North America, 1619-1807,” as well as materials from the lectures, describe the contribution of African-Americans, whether slave or free, to the composition of the population of the United States …

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Discuss Both the Negative and Positive

Slavery ended in 1838. One of the biggest negatives of such a system was racism which was found in every Caribbean society. British officials believed that people of Africans descent were inferior and what was worse perhaps these racist attitudes were after internalized by Black …

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Latin America Transformed

This work focuses on four different areas for understanding the dynamics of Center America and the Caribbean. The first is the comparative evaluation of development policies in the region prior to neoliberalism. The second involves analytical work that combines the nature of the neoliberal model …

CapitalismCaribbeanColonialismCubaLatin America
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The Caribbean is a region of the Americas that comprises the Caribbean Sea, its surrounding coasts, and its islands. The region lies southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and of the North American mainland, east of Central America, and north of South America.

44.42 million (2019)


1.063 million mi²


Population density: 151.5/km2 (392/sq mi)

Ethnic groups: African; European; Indian; Chinese; Jewish; Arab; Amerindian; Javanese, Hmong; Multiracial

Demonym: Caribbean , West Indian

Caribbean animals

  • Iguanas
  • Stingray
  • Whale shark
  • Nesophontes
  • Jamaican iguana

Clubs and Teams

  • Jamaica National Bobsled Team
  • St Kitts & Nevis Patriots
  • Jamaica National Football Team
  • Trinbago Knight Riders
  • Capitanes de Arecibo

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Why is the Caribbean important?
The sea is literally the lifeblood their economies. It transports goods and people by shipping, provides food through fisheries, and supports the most important activity in the area: tourism.
What makes the Caribbean so special?
The Caribbean is an ideal location for yachting. It is a great place to sail by sea, thanks to the many small islands and its calm sailing waters. Antigua, the capital of the Leeward Islands, is well-known for its regattas.
What is good about the Caribbean?
The Caribbean sea offers great opportunities to enjoy snorkelling and sailing. You can also island hop or dive with the incredible underwater life, including turtles, fish, and dolphins. Carnival is a way for Caribbean people to express their culture through music and dance.
What is the Caribbean called?
The Caribbean (/.kaerI’bi.@n. k@’rIbi@n/), locally /’kaerIbiaen/; Spanish and French: Caribes. Haitian Creole, Karayib. Antillean Creole, Kawayib. Papiamento; Karibe). is a region of Americas. It encompasses the Caribbean Sea, its surrounding coastlines and its island (some of which are within...

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