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Pirates of the Caribbean Critical Essay

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A key character that ensures we enjoy the film throughout is captin jack sparrow. The first time we meet jack he is portrayed as a powerful figure standing tall on top of his ship. As the scene progresses we see that he is drunk and unorganised sailing on his own on a sinking boat. The director shows us this by using a wide array of camera shots and other techniques. When we first see jack he is standing on top of his ship. Although he is standing tall and proud his clothes are weather beaten and he has clearly been at sea for a long time.

The low angle camera shots that the director uses help the impression that he is powerful and strong. The director also uses an over the shoulder shot to help connect the audience to jack. The director then thatters this illusion by panning down the mast to reveal that he is on a small boat, that is quickly taking on water ,all on his own. The director does this to make jack an instantly likeable character and to make us want to fing out more about him. The change from jack being a drunk to a skilled swordfighter makes the character of jackmore interesting.

The second time we meet jack he is in the blacksmiths where William turner is an apprentice. The camera angle that the director uses a wide shot so that you see that the workshop is small and to emphasize that he is agile and quick. The director does this so we find out slightly more about jack and become more interested. Through out the film jack is portrayed as an anti- hero and this is emphisized as jack does not want to shoot will as he says ‘’this bullet is not ment for you ‘’ meaning he went to port royal with a mission. The director does this to reveal a major plot point. he director of "the pirates of the caribbean" portrays miss elizabeth swann as a naive and dependent girl but this impression is ruined the second time we meet her. in the first encounter we see elizabeth trying on a dress her father has bought her from london. she seems very feminine, well educated and wealthy but she has something to hide. a medallion she had taken off of will whe she and her majestys navy first found him. this adds to the enjoyment of the film by adding a twist that changes the whole story as this medallion lands elizabeth and the man she loves in alot of trouble.

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In this scene she appears quite rebellious in the way she wants will to speak to her using her first name instead of miss swann but will has to remind her that this cannot happen because there is a difference between their two classes. the director does significant and clever he has elizabeth standing at the top of a stair case and will at the bottom during this conversation subtly signifying that elizabeth is of a higher class but as the conversation progresses elizabeth walks down the staircase as she thinks that her and will are of the same class. he reason elizabeth treats will like this is because ever since she laid her eyes on him six years ago on the crossing from england to port royal she hhas loved him madly. howthis makesthe film more enjoyable is by putting in a romantic element to the story meaning the two cant live with out the other so they are both trying to save the other by putting their own lives on the line creating excitement and suspense.

Pirates of the Caribbean Critical Essay essay

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