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Industry Overview Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd

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The company is a public company that has a government share and the company’s fiscal year ends on December each year, it is the worlds largest shipping company have large number of competitors the company is not facing too much troubles right now but have managing the control over small problems. “The royal Caribbean cruise ltd is one of the largest cruise companies with 28 modern ships and passenger capacity of approximately 59,600.

These brands offer an array of onboard activities, services and amenities, including swimming pools, sun decks, beauty salons, exercise and spa facilities, ice skating rinks, in-line skating, basketball courts, rock climbing walls, miniature golf courses, gaming facilities, lounges, bars, Las Vegas-style entertainment, cinemas and Royal Promenades, which include interior shopping, dining and an entertainment boulevard.

The company will introduce 6 more ships by the end of 2009, when it will have a total capacity of approximately 81,500 berths. The ships operate worldwide with a selection of itineraries that call on approximately 160 destinations”. (Royal Caribbean International) Beside such information’s the worlds second largest shipping company have nothing such type of financial problems that which other companies are facing still in this techno logical era.

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here goes some of the information’s related to the company, beside such information’s the worlds largest shipping company royal Caribbean cruise has faced a problem when 21 years old Ohio man reports missing from a cruise ship, that had left port Canaveral for Bahamas his non presence from the ship have create problems for the officials because the problem of missing a passenger would be the biggest issue that effects the passenger taking in the coming years it effects the reputation of the worlds largest shipping company that it don’t have certain measure to take control over such types of problems.

SWOT Analysis: Company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats


The royal Caribbean cruise as the world’s largest shipping cruise has large number of ships which includes world’s largest ships also, here the questions arises. How they manage or have control over such extended business in large number of countries. How they can manage their security system. Have they introduces any security system for its travelers. The company is going to take large amount of finance each year for its ship making purposes involves.

Paints coating , printing inks the material for ship making , the market breadth and transportation system also now the company is going to introduce very large and more passengers capacity ships, Is there any need to introduce more huge ships. If it is not then why the company is going to take a decision of making more huge ships as from the company’s strategy. The company type is a public company have resources provided by government not buy the private investors so the company is using huge finance from the government , is this decision do not have any impact on governments finance right now and in future also.

The company is using large number of finance as defense but the defensive measures are not very strong advertising and marketing the company is using finance for advertising and marketing which is in a very heavy form the company has make such controls over the making of the extra working advertises by net, I know it is not accessible for every one to see but use to make such type of strategy to have control over extra advertising.

Also, the company’s legal services that every company have for its prevention against the suits file against the company in future , the company must take such actions which do not have any impact on company position and the company’s value that the problem will never go towards the help by legal ways. Safety and security should be the main strategy of the company , that will effect ultimately the company’s value in future if you are providing such type of facilities but do not have any security system , prevention from any dangerous problems with tie s than there is nothing the values of those facilities which you are providing.

The company is providing huge sizes HDTV’s with short breadth rooms is it a good decision? I think it’s an extra approach to make more financial gaps which would be arise in future. To manage the ships with their capacities would be the main issue of the company for securing huge financial losses. The royal Caribbean cruises have introduces the HDTV’s in their ships those ships which have such facilities are so cool and are loaded with tons of things to do.

The food is great. The only thing about cruises that kind of well disappoint is the rooms. They are just so small and they have tiny little TVs in them. Truthfully, their isn't any room for any thing bigger then a 13 to 20-inch set, but Royal Caribbean Cruises has installed 23 and 32-inch Samsung LCDs into their new ships. The plan is to install some 7,000 LCDs into two of their newest ships; Freedom of the Sea already has 1,700 of them installed.

The company have large number of cruise ships including huge and largest ships in the world obviously they need maintenance and also such types of necessities for every new ship the company wants workmen the material for making it, such as paints and so on, its designing you must go to take help from designers for making every new ships, to take control over extra designing unique faces and to provide facilities rather then its show and appearance of the ships is necessary.

The company is using electronic items for providing facilities to its customers but the company strategy to provide by huge means is totally foolish decision extend your facilities in the limits of you finance will be the main thing for every organizations success beside this energy utilities , metals and mining’s pharmaceuticals , cafes such as the items for luxury purposes are on very large basis the company should take steps to have control over such extra luxuries.


Besides so many extra facilities which the company is providing to its customers which may be harmful if the company do not have a control over such problems there are some faces of strengths of company, the royal Caribbean’s international is the worlds second largest shipping company providing large number of facilities to its customers the company have fully managed the control over the finance and going to use that in newly making ships and other services related to the specific cruise.

While some people may think that the cruising is expensive the royal Caribbean cruise is going to change the ideas of the people, by providing large number of facilities in limited area of shipping. that’s why the confidence of the travelers has been built this type of strategies which is purely in the sense of providing help to its customers will ultimately help in the company’s reputation in the world . In December 2005 the company’s total operations had gone to the 663.

5 which is much more than the company’s previous operations that will provide a huge area to the company to extend its operations that will ultimately makes the company famous in different regions that you don’t need to give advertises to attract people your working should be your proof of attraction. The net income of company is increasing every year that is the company is able to manage its expenses and problems arise in every cruise.

With the increasing facilities provided by the company the company’s dividends per share is increased with high amounts in the market that will ultimately puts the company’s rank above in the market which will be helpful in sale of shares of the company. The Caribbean cruise is looking too strong to manage its extra finance which will be beneficial for company in future reputation.

I can say that no any firm in the world can easily y survive with out competition it is the necessary thing for the corporations survivals and extending the corporation operations royal Caribbean cruises is also one of the company from them which is facing large number of competitors from the world. Basically there are ten competitors for royal Caribbean cruises from which the top competitors are:

  • Carnival
  • NCL
  • Star cruises.

These were the main competitors of royal Caribbean cruises that are why the company is going to make some strategies which would be helpful for taking upper hand on it competitor.


The royal Caribbean cruises is the largest shipping company it do not require large amounts of recommendations for going with success but there are some of the weaknesses of the company which would be make the company in more valuable form if those weaknesses are going to tackle in the very beginning. As I have defined earlier that the company is a public limited company tit has more and more amounts of investments from government not by the private investors the company must require to get control over the extra facilities which it is providing to its customers will makes the company’s revenue double by which it can increases its operational area.

I have read that the company is going to make the more large ships in coming years there is nothing the need f sizes we should talk about safety security defensive measures strict control over extra financing advertising by small means if your company’s reputation is too good then it don’t need any type of advertising for its survival . your company’s reputation defines by your customers and the company’s fame would be spread over large areas.

The company is widening the areas of its travel and going to increase its traveling day by day with such steps the company must have an efficient system that system of information or communication system to take information of each and every passenger in the cruise that is the company should take such steps that by widening the areas its informational system does not go weaker. Provide the facilities under financial limits and the size and breadth of the ships.

As the services provided by the royal Caribbean cruises which includes travel agencies, tour operators, cruise lines and internet vacations reservations. Retail Sales Some people think that the cruising is expensive a royal Caribbean cruises ltd vacation is actually a great value and is a very smart affordable way to travel. For this the royal Caribbean’s international is providing large number of services to the travelers who are new to their travels. The company is providing such capability as from the kids to grand parents a royal Caribbean cruise is a perfect vacation no matter what’s the age of customer.

Capacity Utilization

The company is providing the travels on destination towards different ports of the world as it is the world wide company the company has many features related to its extra beneficial activities the company’s travel ranges towards the different ports whose names are mentioned here. Alaska, Bahamas, Bermuda, Europe Caribbean Hawaii Pacific Northwest, Panama Canal, and Mexico these ports names are introduced by the company for the convenience of its travelers. With all such recommendations and services provided. The company should increase its services for customers introduce new and unique services that are not matching and different from the services provided by the other shipping companies, this will helpful in attracting more customers.

Industry Overview Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd essay

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