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History- Slave Trade

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Describe the different colonial economies; and how that influenced their adoption of slavery (or lack thereof). The Chesapeake Bay and Carolina colonists pursued wealth and later realized the value of tobacco by the help of John Rolfe. They believed that gold, silver and a wide variety of raw materials could be located in Jamestown. Unfortunately the colonists were ceased of gaining profit due to the living conditions and lack of knowledge. Causing many deaths from various diseases and diminishing the their population.

Colonists also refused to farm forcing them to steal food stock from the Indians creating a quite the quarrel among the two. The colony was mostly male as well as indentured servants. If any, families were very small and with no to a couple of children. Some time later they began spreading out their homes in search for tobacco. This decentralized the colony and decreased their knowledge of disease. By the water ways they would establish their homes to help with the import and export of materials. Now labor was much needed to keep the materials flowing so African slaves were sent to help with labor.

This was a part of the triangular trade among Africa, northern colonies, Britain, and the Caribbean. The Northern Colonies were much more stable than Southern colonies They were more focused on the religion and keeping a structured family. There was a better men to women ratio than the Chesapeake colony. Their life expectancy was better than south by 15-20 years. Even though the climate was colder their knowledge of farming gave them plenty of food to supply themselves. They believed in living in close quarters of one another and having a center of the colony.

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History- Slave Trade

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This provided them with knowledge and uses of medicine to prevent disease. Their population was now healthier and now families were larger than ever before. With triangular trade across the Atlantic African slaves were sent everywhere to take over the labor to produce products. In the southern colonies they lacked a labor workforce and were supplied with slaves from the Caribbean. The African slaves were then sent to the north due to the overflow of slaves in the south. The northern colonies slave population was one of the lowest among the other colonies because the population had no problem with hard work.

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