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St.Domingue Revolution

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First Examination (Response #1) When the Europeans arrived in the Caribbean, they were looking to invade and inhabit the land. Little did they know,the islands were already occupied by other groups of people at the time. One of those groups were the Ciboneys, or the Guanahuateby(Lucayans) who were inhabiting the Watlings Islands. The Ciboneys were believed to be the first group of people to inhabit the island. They migrated from the Orinico region, probably through Florida and the Bahamas. Although they are said to migrate from these areas, there origins are unknown.

The Ciboneys were hunters, who collected the islands most useful resources. The Ciboneys were inhabitants of the islands before the birth of Christ, which was around 2000 years later. The Lucayans were also crafty people, who worked with shells, bones, stones, and different woods. Outside of their crafty work, it is believed that they were not producers of pottery. From the months of April to October, the Ciboneys migrated from the coast of Venuzeula to the Caribbean when the currents and winds were favorable. From November to March, they were effected by the winds and winter.

Another group of people that were inhabitants of the Caribbean before the arrival of the Eurpeans were the Arawaks. The Arawaks were migrants from Central and South America, who expanded their homelands to the Northern and Southern regions of Cuba and Trinidad. They occupied larger areas, such as Cuba, Hipiola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and were believed to share Cuba and Hipiola with the Ciboney. They traveled in large canoes, which were man-made from tree trunks and held fairly significant amounts of people. It is said they traveled down the Orinoco and arrived to Trinidad, where they called Lere.

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They inhabited the southern region of Trinidad amd became known as the Igneri. From there, they set for the Bahamas, where they were known as the Lueayans. Island Arawaks are said to be non- militaristic people with a hierachy structured society of manioc producing agriculturalists. Through their agriculture experience, they became advanced in producing and taming wide varieties of plants and animals. From their experience in marine culture, they made their own boats and used them for their own voyages to other areas. They also grew crops, such as peanuts, yams, maize, and cotton.

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