The Meaning of Family: Unconditional Love and Acceptance

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When asked “what does family mean? ” I automatically think of the legal definition. The legal definition of family is a group of individuals consisting of parents, siblings, children, and other relatives, who have ties of blood, marriage, or adoption. Now that the legal definition is out of the way, we can get to my definition. Family also known as kin, folk, clan, relatives, or dynasty, to me is a little bit different from the legal definition. Family to me is a group of people who love you unknowingly but still unconditionally.

Family is where you can be yourself and for me that is probably one of the turning points between family and close friendship. To others family might be the group of people that you tell boring stories to just because you know that regardless of anything they are still your family. There are times I find it hard to sleep at night and I text my cousin Lindsey and no matter what happens, I can tell her about it and she doesn't say anything to anybody. There was one time when I thought I was failing a class because, this year especially, I feel like i'm slacking a little bit.

So I told Lindsey about it and she said “stop playing games and study because I know your grandma does not play. ” Just that one line kind of put everything in perspective because my grandma, no matter how nice she may seem, she really doesn't play when it comes to grades and her family. Family in short can make someone a part of something bigger than themselves. Family is the one word that can make someone go back somewhere they really didn't want to ever go back to. Some family members make you mad, angry, upset, frustrated.

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Some make you want to call them every name in the book, and by book I don't mean the Bible. But, at the same time your family is the only thing you can find yourself confiding in, and crying to, and loving more than ever. So when it comes to family no one should feel like they have to have some type of guard up because these are the people that are supposed to care the most. Everyone's definition of family or kin is different but, to me that is what it should be. What's your definition?

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