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In the novel, the main character is named Guy Montage; He is a firefighter in a dyspepsia, except the firefighters fight not against fires yet are in an ongoing war against literature. His wife is named Mildred Montage she is somewhat of robot, all she ever does is stay at home and talk to her "family" which is just programs on the television. Mildred is unaware that she is depressed because she has no flavor to her life, she thinks in her mind she is refectory content with her seashell headphones and her parlor walls.

Could a person be happy staying inside all day with just a television? Maybe if you figured the televisions were your family yet how could you get someone to believe that there family is nothing more than binary code. In today's day and age we rely on that intrinsic reflex of automatically checking our phone after that subtle ring. If that's all that our mind is worried about maybe we are heading to a sociopath society. In the novel Mildred attempted to commit suicide, yet was caught just in the nick of time by Montage.

When the ambulance rolled up a few engineers and large contraption and basically pumped her stomach and she was good as new. The government is sending out engineers instead of medical professionals because people are overdosing every day. Just like Mildred everyone is brainwashed into thinking they are content with how they live every day, just sitting in front of the parlor walls or listening to the "news.

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