Excellence Both On and Off the Field at Delaware Valley College

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I am very excited about the prospect of attending Delaware Valley College.  DelVal’s business program would offer me a diversity of options in my intended career path.  Ranging from Accounting to Sports Management, I know that I can find a study area that will fulfill my long-term goals of working in business.

Being sports-oriented, my current interest is in Turf Management.  With DelVal's ranking of 23 amongst schools that offer a bachelor's degree in turf management, I am excited to begin working toward that short-term goal. With more than 500 acres of outdoor laboratory space and DelVal being a small school, I look forward to the individual hands-on attention that can bring.

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Having been coached by an excellent football coach, Jim Algeo, in a very successful program at Lansdale Catholic High School, I am eager to become a member of DelVal’s successful NCAA Division III football program.  My intention is to show excellence both on and off the field.

Located in Doylestown, PA, the college is very close to my home.  I have very close relationships with many of my family members, so being able to see them on a regular basis is very important to me.

We are very close-knit, and I value the contributions my family members can make to my college experience.  The Doylestown community offers so many activities that would hold my interest as well.

Having heard glowing reports from others regarding Delaware Valley College, I just know that it would be a good fit for me.  I look forward to finding out how I can be a useful member of the school community and grow academically and socially into an exceptional young man.  It would be an honor to represent Delaware Valley College.


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