Examining the Role of Logos in Communication: Insights from Ancient Rhetoric

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According to the text, a communication symbol is a device "which allows us to talk about things when they are not actually present" (Osborn 2). In other words, a communication symbol is a tool used for describing objects that are not exactly tangible. The "miracle of language" brings purpose into our lives. A communication symbol contributes to the “miracle of language" by giving substance to our purpose in life. Personally, I have thought about communication in this same manor. Through communication, human beings are able to maintain meaningful relationships and connections.

According to Gorgias, "if we cannot know the truth, then we cannot possibly communicate about it" (Gorgias). What Gorgias means by this is how can we speak of something, when we know nothing about it. Protagoras stated that "if people often differ in their perceptions of issues, and "right" and "wrong" are products of a point of view, then one should be more broad-minded in understanding the commitments of others" (Protagoras). According to the previous statement, “right” and “wrong” are subjective to the beliefs of different individuals. Protagoras believed that man cannot capture truth. The idea that "humans make their own truth" is central to the nature of communication because, this is the most beneficial way that view points and ideas are shared.

Thrasymachus thought that emphasizing presentation skills and using impressive language was stronger than actual content. I only partially agree with Thrasymachus because, this strategy varies from situation to situation. In some cases, it is appropriate to cast a "smoke screen" and win over an audience by using impressive language. There are several classes of people that follow the views of Thrasymachus. In politics for instance, several speeches are given from people in positions of power. But not all of them have substantial or even beneficial information.

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In the music and entertainment industry, a lot of their material, in terms of communication, is pre-fabricated.The term "Logos" means substantive proof. “Logos” is the logic used in rhetoric. An example of "logos" would be a cited source of information. This information would generally come from a person with notable credibility. "Ethos" means personal proof. Ethos is also categorized as the character traits for found within the speaker. With "ethos" we must understand if the speaker is "trustworthy, knowledgeable, and likeable"(Osborn 18). An example of "ethos" would be having a conversation with a compulsive liar. This makes rhetoric difficult for that individual speaker. "Pathos" is the term for emotional proof. Can the speaker generate emotions from the audience and persuade them accordingly? An example of "pathos" would be the Roosevelt speech the day after "Pearl Harbor".

Thge effects of requiring citizens to present their own cases in court has variables attached to it. One of these variables would be how well versed a person is on a particular subject. Personally, I would favor a system such as self-representation. I also favor direct participation and public communication by citizens, because I appreciate different viewpoints. Plato would not like this system because, he believed that "people are generally incapable of making good, farsighted decisions" (Osborn 20).

Ancient rhetoric is extremely important for today's students. This is important because, public speaking requires an individual to properly understand what they are talking about. Ancient rhetoric provides an answer to the questions on how to conduct an audience. I can apply these theories to my own communication skills. I would do this by using different “proofs” to display my view points. By focusing on ancient rhetoric, I can understand how man views truth.

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