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Examination Day

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The short story Examination Day written by Henry Sleasar, is a story about young children being tested by the government to get knowledge of how smart the kids are. The government keep control of the kids and all the families. The government summon every kid that turns twelve, to come into their head quarters for an exam to prove how clever the kids are. The government summons a twelve year old boy in for his exam.

The boy Dickie and his parents were having breakfast when his mum brings up the subject to Dickies father. His father just tells her not to worry that every thing will be alright. Dickie and his father go into the government head quarters for Dickies appointment. When it was Dickies turn to set the exam he was given a glass of liquid drink. This drink makes you tell the truth and be honest with what you say. They connected Dickie up to some machines ready for the examination.

Dickies father went home to his wife to wait for a phone call to see if their son was alright or not. After the exam Dickies parents got a disappointing and sad phone call about their son. Dickie had pasted the exam so he was put down by the government because he had been one of very few to past the exam. Every child that passes the exam has to be put down. If they fail the exam they are sent home to your family and they get to live on with their lives. This exam determines if you live or if you die.

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Examination Day essay

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What to expect on exam day?

Here's what you may expect: Metal detector inspections with a request to turn out your pockets Inspections of glasses, jewelry and other accessories to verify that they are not camera devices Use of security cameras and video recordings Test room monitoring by administrators every 30 minutes

What to do on exam day?

Be PreparedDress Comfortably. You're required to leave hats, scarves, gloves and coats outside of the testing room. .Arrive Early. Plan to arrive 30 minutes before your exam. .Provide Your Biometrics. In order to be tested, the following biometrics will be taken: signature, photograph and palm vein scan.Receive Materials. .Set Your Pace. .Finishing Up. .

What to bring to exam day?

Be sure to bring these:Your testing computer and its power cord.Pens or pencils, for scratchwork.For testing at home only: scratch paper (if testing in school, scratch paper will be provided to you).An acceptable calculator if your AP Exam allows the use of a calculator.

Should you study the day before your exam?

Research shows that studying the day before the exam hurts you, because it crowds your short-term memory with last minute info that can interfere with long-term memory retrial or bias your decision-making skills. For example, if you study diabetes the day before the exam, your mind is naturally going to lean towards diabetes-related answers.

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